Fall Hiring Season Perfect Opportunity for Innovative Web Conference Training

Though most of the country is still experiencing summer’s last surge of scorching temps, fall’s arrival is coming fast. Already one of my favorite seasons with the cooler temps and pumpkin-spice everything it brings, fall also ushers in one of the busiest hiring seasons of the year.

Whether a brand is looking for industry vets, fresh-faced college talent or seasonal workers, training new hires can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Synching schedules, coordinating flight information, ensuring materials are updated – it can all become a human resources nightmare without the right tools. Even more so as digitization of the workplace means new hires could be around the corner or in another corner of the world all together. Thankfully, web-conferencing has proved an invaluable tool that can reduce costs, conflicts and some of the stress that can come when bringing new employees into an organization’s fold.

One or one thousand – train them all

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect candidates to expand your sales team, their interviews were flawless, and all have accepted their offers! What happens when headquarters are on one coast and the new team is dispersed across the country? Save yourself time, money – and a bit of sanity – by delivering online training to a dispersed employee base, all at once, using web-conferencing tools.

With WebEx Training Center, for example, whether you need to hold smaller, more intimate sessions for a few – or train a sales force of hundreds – the technology can support it.

An added bonus? Web conferencing helps

remote workers feel more like team members, especially millennials. In a recent Cisco study of millennials and other next generation leaders, 75 percent of those polled said they want more out of video than just faces on screens

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Multiple web conferencing options for different learning styles

A crop of new fall hires means your training staff is tasked with getting everyone on board, regardless of their skill level or professional experience. This can prove especially true for those entering a new industry. And while web conferencing can bring a class together, in today’s interactive world, I’ve found myself wondering why organizations limit trainees to simply watching a training session?

It’s almost guaranteed that classes will be full of trainees with different learning styles, so get them involved in their web conference and maximize their retention. In a recent survey, 95 percent of employers said telework has a high impact on employee retention. WebEx makes it possible to use real-time polling and testing that helps trainers keep pulse on the audience’s understanding, virtual breakout rooms where employees can collaborate and quizzes that test their knowledge. And with Hands-On Lab, secure access to remote computers allow access to lab sessions during or after live training to practice, even in a “virtual” classroom setting.

Regardless of learning styles, WebEx’s “review your training” option, using recordings, will be a hit for new hires needing a bit more time with training material. Your new hires can always refresh their memories on an “as-needed” basis, a feature that’s not possible in a physical setting.

In five years, where do you see your training sessions?

For years, new hires were often asked where they saw themselves in five years career-wise. And just as employees evolve their skills over the years, we think web conferencing training should keep pace and innovate just as fast as they do.

WebEx is moving forward, focused on instruction, feedback and collaborative learning. And thanks to backing from Cisco technology, it’s able to support and evolve along with new platforms and devices. From the latest Android smartphones to iPhones and iPads, on-the-go new hires (and training leaders) will appreciate a web-conferencing tool that they can utilize on their preferred device of choice. Even industry peers recognize how critical this is, naming WebEx one of the best tools for mobile video conferencing.

An organization’s training and on-going educational efforts are just as critical to a new hire’s success as any other benefit an employer offers. Numerous competitive advantages abound in all aspects of business with a better-trained workforce, not to mention higher levels of market agility and customer responsiveness through just-in-time training. Integration of video across the collaboration toolset is also critical for driving greater productivity and business value.

Job seekers have better chances at landing a job this fall and companies using innovative tools to recruit, train, and empower will reap the benefits. WebEx is one of those tools, so be sure to check out its full range of award-winning capabilities to be ready for your new recruits.

Interested in learning more about online training for your business? Check out some great use cases and demos here.

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