Announcing WebEx Business Suite 30

Enhanced, simplified and connective. These are just a few reasons why our team is excited to announce the launch of WebEx Business Suite 30, affectionately known as WBS 30.

Prior to the WBS 30 release, we totally changed the way WebEx looks and feels for meeting attendees. Personal Rooms were added, and we set out to make things a lot simpler and even fun to use – and our users’ response was overwhelmingly positive.

But we didn’t fool ourselves into thinking we nailed it all in one release. Focused on innovation and end-user experience, we looked to build on the theme of simplification, making it easier to use WebEx when you’re in or outside of a meeting.  We also realize that WebEx administrators needed simplification too, so we extended that experience to the admins as well.

From In-Meeting Enhancements to deeper interoperability with Cisco Spark, WBS 30 continues WebEx Meeting Center’s placement as the premier online meeting tool that allows anyone to present, share or collaborate from any device:

  • In-Meeting Enhancements include an enhanced Video Pop-Up with a self-preview and a pop-up notification that shows the most relevant options. There are also improved notifications, new language supports, and users can now automatically create a Spark room after any WebEx meeting for continued collaboration.
  • Along with enhanced admin capabilities that enable better management of end users’ personal rooms, hosts can now lock rooms at different time intervals after meetings start. Attendees can also click a button to notify hosts that they’re waiting for them in personal meeting rooms.
  • A clean, modern, contemporary user interface has been added for WebEx administrators, with consolidated menu structures.
  • With WBS 30, there is now a common identity between Spark and WebEx users and a single administrative log-in. On top of that, users can now enjoy seamless post-meeting integration of WebEx and Spark to keep the collaboration going.

As you can tell, there’s a lot going to check out in this release.  If you’re looking for every detail around what’s new, you can find that here. But while you’re browsing, how about a few quick snapshots?

To show in videos:

In meeting enhancements:

  • Create a Spark room

Personal Rooms:

  • Auto-lock setting
  • Notify host through email

WebEx Admin Tool:

  • New look and feel

We’re very proud to bring you WBS 30 and hope you’ll enjoy its enhanced features. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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