Mastering the Mobile Workplace

Mobility has empowered millions of employees, freeing them from desktops and landlines to conduct business as usual while on the go. As a matter of fact, through 2019, it’s estimated that there will be 11.5 billion mobile-connected devices connected to the Internet of Everything.

As the “mobile office” concept continues to evolve, conducting meetings on the move has become necessary – but not without challenges. However, with the right collaboration tools and a bit of planning, anyone can master the mobile meeting.

First, prioritize and know which meetings to join and which ones to skip. If you’re not in the office and your presence is required, no special adjustments are needed when you have the right video conferencing tool.


Today’s video connections are more solid and crisp than ever before. Take advantage of this improved technology when you’re outside the office and can’t miss a meeting by using video to stay connected.

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How’s your Wi-Fi? Is your Mi-Fi ok? Before you meet, make sure your connections are strong and your devices are fully charged, with a backup power source handy just in case.


Once the meeting is over, take your teamwork on the go with secure chat and file sharing apps like Cisco Spark.


Constant connections can be a lifesaver when it’s time to work, but be sure to take time to relax and unplug from it all.

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Turning a local coffee shop, airport lounge, or hotel lobby into a mobile workplace is convenient, and can increase both productivity and your company’s bottom line. To learn more about how WebEx can empower your team to work, meet and succeed wherever they are, visit the WebEx website.

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