Common Video Conferencing Pitfalls – And How to Avoid Them

Thanks in part to an increasingly remote workforce that relies on mobile devices to keep them connected and in the business loop, video conferencing has become an almost daily part of work life. In a recent Gallup poll, thirty-seven percent of U.S. workers say they have telecommuted and more companies are offering “work from home” options as an employee selling point.

Video conferencing does offer an abundance of flexibility; video meetings can be conducted from almost anywhere and from almost any device. But even when your presentation is gold and you know your company has the right product to wow a new customer, there are potential video conferencing pitfalls you’ll want to avoid in order to host the most reliable video meeting of your – and your company’s – dreams.

Don’t lose your connection

Video conferencing is the next best thing to meeting with a client or team in-person. File and screen sharing options make better collaboration a breeze, making the “face-to-face” feel of actually being in the same room that much stronger. But, you can only reap the benefits when connections are solid and secure.

Better collaboration can only happen when teams and clients can see and hear one another and nothing is worse when a faulty connection brings your presentation to a halt. So always be sure your video conferencing solution is highly-reliable, uses strategically placed Internet access points and has enough bandwidth to prevent lagging video.


Mic check – is this thing on?

Is that static? Anyone else hear that weird echo? Hope not, because what good is the perfect presentation if no one can hear you?

The term “crystal clear” pretty much sums up the audio and sound quality of your video conferencing tool. If you’re participating in a video conference outside of a traditional business environment, sound quality is extremely important, so if needed, upgrade your headphones to a set with a microphone and double-check the sound quality on your computer.


Did the client see that?!

Picture it. The clients are into everything you’re saying, they’re ready to give you the go-ahead – and a baby’s scream pierces through the air. Or your cat decides to jump on your desk, blocking everyone’s view of you at the pinnacle of your presentation.

When it comes to video conferencing, everyone is a visual learner. So, wherever you present on your call, take a visual and auditory audit of your environment and try to eliminate any elements that would distract you or your clients.  If you’re at home, will your lawn service’s mower make it hard to hear people talking? Sitting near a window? If so, make sure you’re not sitting in front of it to avoid a shadowy cast across your face. Does your seat or monitor height present you at a weird angle? If so, simply stacking a few books under your laptop can be a quick fix.


Collaborative and productive video conferences start with the right solution and WebEx offers the perfect set of options to help you steer clear of any disasters or distractions. See how WebEx can power your productivity and make client interactions more effective when you join a WebEx demo.

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