Show Your Best Self on Your Next Video Conference

Today on our social media channels, we announced WebEfx, filters to “enhance your presence” during a video conference. Sorry to disappoint you, but WebEfx is just our way of having some fun on April Fool’s Day this year. Got ya!

Truth be told, you don’t need to go to extremes to present your best on a video conference. But I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been a bit intimidated by that little camera icon that invites you to show your face and “go live” on video during your meeting.

Whether it’s a cosmetic concern or a more serious security issue, it’s time to let go of any fears or anxieties that keep you from going live when its meeting go time.  So if you need ideas for getting camera-ready without a full-on makeover, here are a few simple tips that will help you launch your video camera with confidence.

Lights, camera, action

Your video conference is not a Hollywood movie shoot, but your camera, lighting, and background makes a huge difference in how people see you and how you see yourself.

For best viewing, be sure your light source is in front of you and not behind you, which can cause distracting shadows and make it hard to see your face. And the higher quality your video cam, the better you will feel looking at your reflected image.

Try to keep your camera at eye level and in a location where you can look straight ahead throughout the presentation.  It’s easy to let your gaze drift during a video conference, making you appear distracted during the meeting. If you’re using a laptop trying propping it up with a couple of books. Using a webcam? Try a few different positions until you find one that feels comfortable for you.

Test your tech

When show time arrives, you want to be familiar and comfortable with the user interface of your video conferencing software. Take some time to learn how to preview and share your video, and troubleshoot any issues in advance.

Chances are, the video conference platform you use has more useful bells and whistles than just its camera. Can you poll participants and gauge their enthusiasm for a newly presented concept? Are you able to create a private meeting room and invite selected individuals to continue the discussion? Leaving a few minutes before the video conference is the best time to figure out any extra features.

Use the buddy system

Still feeling nervous? Who best to ask “how professional is my appearance” than your best work buddy?

Set up a video conference with a colleague at work to get comfortable being on camera. You can even do a quick dry run of your presentation and ask for feedback. Are you articulating your words clearly? Is the volume on your microphone loud enough where others can hear you? Figuring out any kinks now will make appearing on camera later a breeze.


Just like a traditional in-person meeting, a video conference is an opportunity for you to not only show who you are but to establish new relationships, strengthen older ones and be the selling/presenting/marketing/solutions expert that you are. So – relax!

We understand it can feel a little intimidating to not only present in a meeting but even catch a glimpse of yourself doing so. Remember –  your clients and colleagues are interested in the content of your presentation –  not whether you have the perfect hairstyle. Let your personality and genuineness shine through, just like it would in a face-to-face meeting and concentrate on the points you need to get across. You will be more relaxed and feel in control – and it will show.

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