Video Conferencing Changes the Way We Meet

Not all business meetings happen at conference tables. They also happen at kitchen tables, café tables, in home offices, and while waiting at airport gates. Because where we work is changing, how we meet is changing, too. And video conferencing is playing a huge role.

As a mostly remote worker, I rely on video conferencing to keep me connected to my team. It lets me see my co-workers so I can make eye contact with them as we speak—a huge part of effective communication. When we can see and hear each other at the same time, meetings are clearer. We’re able to better understand each other and therefore build better working relationships. Video conferencing makes it possible for us to communicate more easily and produce higher quality work.

Video conferencing with WebEx is great because it allows us to see each other, hear each other, and work on documents together all at the same time—nothing tops teamwork like that! With WebEx we’re able to edit documents in real time, so when I meet with my manager for feedback on my work, I’m able to pull up the copy document and screen share and we can work through her edits as we meet. It’s a fantastic way to streamline processes, join brain power, and move the work ahead.

WebEx video conferences can also be recorded, so we don’t miss any of the great ideas shared in our meeting. That means when my note-taking speed can’t keep up with the pace of the meeting, I can listen to the recording and take all the time I want to get the information I need.

The handy whiteboard tool also helps me capture and express our genius, so none of that brainstorming brilliance gets lost. With WebEx, we have a video conferencing super power in our toolbox.

In a previous job, I worked for an ad agency. My team and I were on a big pitch and it had all the hallmarks of this type of work: too many deliverables, too little time, long hours, late nights, great ideas flying back and forth at rapid speed. And the team was spread across the country. The majority of the group was centered in Columbus, Ohio but we also had me in Berkeley, California and a designer in New York City. Video conferencing helped keep our sanity and our sense of humor under tight deadlines. With video conferencing, I was able to connect with different designers in different time zones and they could sketch out what they were envisioning and hold it up for me to see. I was then able to talk through how I envisioned the copy working into the design. Collaboration was seamless because we were able to video conference to share our ideas and unite our creative concepts.

For most remote workers like me, video conferencing is an invaluable tool. It helps me communicate clearly and build and maintain relationships with my coworkers. Video conferencing is important for brainstorming and collaboration, and the tools WebEx provides help me be more productive. And with video conferencing, I can work from anywhere.

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