How to Stay Productive using WebEx

Most days, I spring out of bed, ready to greet the world. There’s nothing better than crossing items off my to-do list and the sense of satisfaction that comes along with it.

But, some days get the best of me. If I’m not prepared, I can find myself at the end of a long day wondering where all of my time went.

Lucky for me, WebEx makes it easy to manage my calendar and schedule. Here are some tips that I’ve learned to make the most of my day. Hopefully they’ll boost your productivity too!

1. Don’t forget the agenda.

Aligning calendars can be tricky. By the time a meeting finally takes place, the topic of conversation has been forgotten. By putting a few bullet points in your calendar invite, you can be sure that everyone will come to the session with a clear idea of the desired outcome.

2. Stop searching for the meeting details.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start an online meeting using the same link, every time? We thought so too, that’s why we created WebEx Meeting Center Personal Rooms. Think of it as a permanent and personalized space – just for you.  No more hunting for the URL and conference info.

3. Take it to go.

Life can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss a meeting. For those times when you’re on the go, take your meeting with you. Download Cisco mobile apps ahead of time. That way, you’ll be actively engaged even when you’re on the road.

4. Try hands-free dialing.

When you’re on the move and can’t look at your phone, let your meeting call you. Add Call Me to your WebEx plan and say goodbye to dialing phone numbers and access codes. Just tap your meeting link and you’re in! It’s the perfect solution for daily commutes.

5. Just hit Record.

Don’t let any of your great ideas get lost. Hit the Record button so you can come back and review your meeting at a later time, or share it with anyone who missed out.

Preparation is key to a productive day. By spending just a few minutes planning your schedule, you can be sure that every minute of your day will be put to good use.

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