Case Study: Global Team Connections Minus IT Headaches

As the sole IT administrator for thousands of users across a network of eight offices, the last thing Mike Conway needed was unreliable video conferencing. Especially in the fast-paced marketing industry – where teams are mobile, deadlines are crucial and communication is critical.

Mike Conway, Area Technical Manager, is constantly on the move during the day at Golin, a global communications, media and digital marketing firm. With so many users dispersed across so many offices, Mike and his team needed a solution that was not only easy to manage, but also one that was scalable to the unique needs of individual offices.

On top of this, Mike knew that his team could not risk using a tool with lackluster security features. They needed something that would let their teams collaborate freely, without worry of privacy issues.

With Cisco WebEx, Mike has the day-to-day solution that he needs to keep projects moving forward and helping people to achieve their best work. Get a first-hand look at how Golin teams use WebEx and the freedom it provides them in the “Global Team Connections Minus IT Headaches” case study.

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