Web Conferencing Fires Up Ignyte’s Consulting Business

In the fast-paced, deadline-driven world of marketing, helping clients achieve their business goals is how marketing organizations like California-based Ignyte Marketing Group build their reputation.

Collaborative meetings and focused strategy sessions help Ignyte drive goal-setting for their clients and move projects forward quickly. With teams spread across a wide swath of California’s Bay Area, Ignyte needed a simple, reliable online communication tool that would allow everyone to connect, regardless of where they were or what device they were using.

Additionally, Ignyte’s team needed document-sharing and video-conferencing capabilities – not to mention high security – to protect the integrity of their work. And though they are a dynamic and successful team, Ignyte needed everything on a small business budget.

Adopting WebEx as their trusted platform, the Ignyte team has been able to move their client work forward with the confidence, security and optimized tools they need. Hear from their team on how they’ve fired up their business in this case study.

Web conferencing fires up Ignyte’s consulting business

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