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WEBINAR: Connect with Executives through Story

When you have the opportunity to present your next big idea to an influential executive, the thought of the meeting itself can be nerve-wracking enough. But when you factor in the limited time these decision-makers have, sharing your ideas in a quick, informative and engaging manner becomes even more critical.

Are you ready?

Take your presentation skills to the next level by joining Janine Kurnoff for an enlightening webinar, “Connect with Executives through Story”. Founder of The Presentation Company, Janine is the go-to expert when it comes to training professionals to communicate their ideas, visually and virtually.

In this webinar, attendees learn how to tailor stories for an executive audience and shift from being a data collector to a strategic communicator.

The recorded webinar is now available. Take a break from your day and learn the storytelling techniques you need to influence busy, get-to-the-bottom-line leaders.

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