Selling Tools Of The Trade: What Are The Must-Haves?

In sales, charisma and a high-wattage smile can never steer you wrong. However, modern sales pros know that understanding customer business challenges – and effectively mapping product offerings that solve them – are the best trade “secrets.”

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How to Stay Productive using WebEx

Most days, I spring out of bed, ready to greet the world. There’s nothing better than crossing items off my to-do list and the sense of satisfaction that comes along with it.

But, some days get the best of me. If I’m not prepared, I can find myself at the end of a long day wondering where all of my time went.

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Infographic: Is Your Marketing Suffering from Content Fatigue?

Marketers are looking for ways to stand out in the crowd and many are using online content to reach their customers with the right message in real time. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute found that 76% of B2B marketers plan to produce more content this year than the year prior.

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Whitepaper: Small Business Can Achieve More through Video Conferencing

Many up-and-coming businesses have the talent, ideas and agility to take on larger companies. Yet without the right technology to help them connect with clients, customers, and partners, these smaller players could be lost in a sea of competition. That may be why more small companies are tapping into the power of reliable video conference.

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Checklist: Six Cases for Using Video Conferencing in a Sales Strategy

Recently, Aberdeen Group found that 73% of Best-in-Class sales organizations invest in conferencing solutions that support video-based selling. Is your company missing out?

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Video-Enabled Selling Makes a Difference

Today’s video conferencing solutions make meeting with customers and prospects easier, but they can also lead to greater sales outcomes. In fact, video-enabled sales teams have 14% higher year-over-year improvements in lead conversion rates and are 43% more proficient at mapping products and services to buyers’ challenges.

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Infographic: Escape the “Run Down” Side of Sales

Succeeding as a sales professional can be a challenging, and it only seems harder when time gets wasted by ineffective tactics. But with the right approach and better tech tools, teams can build a modern sales strategy that leaves outdated methods in the dust.

From increasing customer retention rates to better chances of quota attainment, sales reps can reap many benefits from using smart technology in the right way. And those who use video conferencing see even greater results.

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Video Conferencing: The Productivity Hack You’re Missing Out On

I’m a hacker and I’m proud of it.

No, I’m not the kind that steals your identity or holds your personal information for ransom. The type of “hacker” badge that I proudly wear has been earned by finding ways to stay productive and tackle my never-ending to-do list. For a hack to be worth its weight to me, it must be a time-saver that frees me up to focus on truly pressing issues.

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What Can Tech-Enabled Tools Do for Your Sales?

For most sales teams, the first months of a new year mean a fresh start in implementing the strategies needed to meet their sales goals. And one of the most impactful “must-have” tools of the seller’s trade is collaboration technology that make conducting business simple and profitable for sellers, as well as beneficial and positive for clients.

Working in sales is always a competitive adventure, so what should teams focus on to establish meaningful client relationships, meet quotas and optimize the technology available to them? I’ve outlined three focus points that can help give your team the edge.

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5 Reasons to Join a WebEx Now

I can give you a million reasons to join a WebEx meeting – a quick-turn project, a public relations issue, or even an unbelievable business opportunity that fell into your lap. Getting a meeting organized now is sometimes very necessary.

People work in different offices and even time zones – real-time collaboration can get a bit tricky. Thankfully, simple and powerful collaboration is possible with a few clicks.

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Better Online Meetings for SMB

It’s easy to think of IT departments as a dedicated crew of folks sitting in a room unlocking passwords, restoring Internet access and implementing all of the tools that keep a business connected. But for many Small or Medium Businesses (SMBs), the responsibility of choosing and implementing the right technology solutions often falls on business leaders.

When it comes to web-conferencing, selecting the right solutions is even more crucial for these businesses. Having a high-quality, reliable online meeting experience can go a long way in helping SMB leaders juggle the many hats they wear.

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