Three Successful Webinar Formats

Webinars are a great way to reach a large group of people all at the same time. And webinars are known for converting leads to sales—at a rate of 17.8% in a study conducted by Implisit.

A successful webinar keeps the audience engaged, and that depends not just on the information presented, but on the way in which it’s presented. Try one of these formats for a successful webinar.

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Video-Enabled Selling Makes a Difference

Today’s video conferencing solutions make meeting with customers and prospects easier, but they can also lead to greater sales outcomes. In fact, video-enabled sales teams have 14% higher year-over-year improvements in lead conversion rates and are 43% more proficient at mapping products and services to buyers’ challenges.

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Identify the Content Fatigue Symptoms. Then Get the Cure.

You know how content fatigue feels. Your inbox is inundated. You can’t keep up with all the likes and tweets from your social networks.

What are the symptoms of content fatigue in your marketing? Find the cure with our newest infographic, “The Cure for Content Fatigue: Online Events.”

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Infographic: Escape the “Run Down” Side of Sales

Succeeding as a sales professional can be a challenging, and it only seems harder when time gets wasted by ineffective tactics. But with the right approach and better tech tools, teams can build a modern sales strategy that leaves outdated methods in the dust.

From increasing customer retention rates to better chances of quota attainment, sales reps can reap many benefits from using smart technology in the right way. And those who use video conferencing see even greater results.

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Make Working Across Time Zones Work for You

Let’s be honest. The thought of taking meetings at 5:00 in the morning or 11:00 in the evening is not a concept many are accustomed to. But the traditional “9-to-5” work schedule is on its way out the window, thanks to smart online meeting tools and an increased focus on hiring the best of the best, no matter where they are in the world.

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Screen Sharing and the Creative Process

The creative process usually begins with a brainstorming session: lots of people pulled into a meeting, blue sky thinking, ideas flying back and forth and building on each other and all of it being captured on a whiteboard. Then the group disperses and we’re left to develop our individual contributions—in my case, copy. I go back to my cave and begin to create. After I generate a series of options and narrow those down to a handful of the strongest ones, I present those to my team leader. We set up a meeting and I screen share — and this is where the rubber really meets the road.

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Infographic: Can Remote Work Help the Environment?

Here at Cisco WebEx, we are big fans of remote work. It allows businesses to bring the best teams together, no matter where they are located. And people working remotely often report more job satisfaction and better productivity.

But the benefits don’t stop there. According to Global Workforce Analytics, remote work can also have a positive impact on the global environment. When we work from our home offices, take a call from the local coffee shop or choose to host a video conference instead of flying out for a meeting, we can save the environment from harmful emissions – and the headache of traveling.

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Video Conferencing Changes the Way We Meet

Not all business meetings happen at conference tables. They also happen at kitchen tables, café tables, in home offices, and while waiting at airport gates. Because where we work is changing, how we meet is changing, too. And video conferencing is playing a huge role.

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Video Conferencing: The Productivity Hack You’re Missing Out On

I’m a hacker and I’m proud of it.

No, I’m not the kind that steals your identity or holds your personal information for ransom. The type of “hacker” badge that I proudly wear has been earned by finding ways to stay productive and tackle my never-ending to-do list. For a hack to be worth its weight to me, it must be a time-saver that frees me up to focus on truly pressing issues.

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Show Your Best Self on Your Next Video Conference

Today on our social media channels, we announced WebEfx, filters to “enhance your presence” during a video conference. Sorry to disappoint you, but WebEfx is just our way of having some fun on April Fool’s Day this year. Got ya!

Truth be told, you don’t need to go to extremes to present your best on a video conference. But I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been a bit intimidated by that little camera icon that invites you to show your face and “go live” on video during your meeting.

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Common Video Conferencing Pitfalls – And How to Avoid Them

Thanks in part to an increasingly remote workforce that relies on mobile devices to keep them connected and in the business loop, video conferencing has become an almost daily part of work life. In a recent Gallup poll, thirty-seven percent of U.S. workers say they have telecommuted and more companies are offering “work from home” options as an employee selling point.

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Don’t Overlook the Key Components of a Reliable Video Conference

It’s no secret that we are staunch believers in the power of online meetings to simplify collaboration with partners, team members, customers and others. And like any other business decisions, we also believe that choosing the right online meeting service is the best way to ensure this collaboration is seamless, secure and keeps your meetings on-time and on point.

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What Can Tech-Enabled Tools Do for Your Sales?

For most sales teams, the first months of a new year mean a fresh start in implementing the strategies needed to meet their sales goals. And one of the most impactful “must-have” tools of the seller’s trade is collaboration technology that make conducting business simple and profitable for sellers, as well as beneficial and positive for clients.

Working in sales is always a competitive adventure, so what should teams focus on to establish meaningful client relationships, meet quotas and optimize the technology available to them? I’ve outlined three focus points that can help give your team the edge.

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