20 Ways Online Meetings Are Changing the Face of Business

What thoughts come to mind when you think of meetings? Commuting to the office in heavy traffic or driving to the airport to catch a flight to meet with your team in-person?

IDG recently asked industry leaders, and it turns out that online meetings are overwhelmingly popular because it saves them time. They found that voice-only calls can rob leaders of the ability to read body language or put a face to the voices on the phone. And in-person meetings can create undesirable travel costs and logistical nightmares.

Online meetings make taking care of business easier, especially when you consider screen sharing capabilities, private meeting room options, and other interactive features.

The leaders who participated provided an exciting earful about how online meetings have changed the way they experience business. Be inspired to make changes of your own after reading, “20 Ways Online Meetings Are Changing the Face of Business.”




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