Making the Connection: How Top Sellers Leverage Web Conferencing to Win

Better, faster and more effective connections are something that every B2B sales professional wants to speed up the sales cycle. Especially as they face doing more in less time while still needing to hit their quotas. To do this, more sales professionals have made video-enabled conferencing solutions a core part of their sales toolkit.

Investing in tools that promote more effective connections and communication is simply smart. Aberdeen Research Group recently found that early tech adopters were found to enjoy a 50% stronger marketing lead acceptance rate than their counterparts. But you don’t need research findings to know that seeing a customer’s face over video is invaluable to sales professionals. Making those connections in real time creates a more personalized, customer-centric experience to help move conversations forward.

For those who want to gain an edge in meeting and even exceeding their quotas, taking a deep dive into this research report from Aberdeen will show how to leverage web conferencing to achieve sales goals. Read “Making the Connection: How Top Sellers Leverage Web Conferencing to Win” for more insights.

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