The Modern Marketer’s Online Meeting Primer

If you work in marketing, you probably ask yourself the same question over and over again. What can I do to break through the digital noise to get my brand noticed? In a world that’s overloaded with content, many marketers are turning to online meetings as a new way to grab attention, turn leads into sales and create revenue.

Online meetings are an easy way to connect with your team, but they can also be extremely effective marketing tools. In fact, Implisit found that 17.8% of webinar leads converted to sales opportunities, better than any other communications channel besides company websites or referrals. Those kinds of results are hard to ignore.

Ready to upgrade your marketing strategy? We put together a guide that covers three types of online meetings – webinars, product demonstrations and video conferences – and reveals best practices for using each to reach your audience in a new way. Read “The Modern Marketer’s Online Meeting Primer” to get started.


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