Finn Helge Lunde

Finn Lunde

Finn Helge heads up the Strategic Development for Webex Rooms at Cisco with a focus on identifying new growth and business opportunities for Webex Rooms. He is responsible for developing Strategic Partnership and the partner ecosystem for Webex Rooms to deliver better integrated collaboration and workplace experience.

Finn Helge came into Cisco as part of the Tandberg acquisition in 2010 and is based in Norway. A fun fact is that he is the northernmost Cisco employee in the world living at 70 degree north. With 15+ years as Product Manager and Product Director he is passionate creating great experiences to meet user and business needs for better collaboration. Prior to current role he was Head of Product Management for Webex Rooms.

Before joining Tandberg/Cisco, Finn Helge worked as a Product Development / Product Design consultants. He holds a Master in Engineering degree from NTNU in Norway.

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