Case Study: Digitization Equals Empowerment for Open Access College

With just 200 staff members and approximately 2,500 students, Australia’s Open Access College (OAC) may be small in number, but their efforts to educate remote students are mighty.

Largely working with students between five to 18 years old, OAC specializes in connecting those isolated due to illness or distance. While OAC leaders were accustomed to using audio conference technology, it was costly and largely a “one-way” method for teachers to interact with students. Wanting to use a more interactive online platform and expand access to connected learning – all while lowering their costs – OAC used Cisco WebEx to open up new educational doors through digitization.

For a quick look at their challenges and the A+ outcomes WebEx helped make possible, check out this case study.

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Excuse Me Sir, You Dropped Your Data

And now – the pièce de résistance!

In the first two installments of The Presentation Company’s Masterful WebEx Presentation Series, we took a deep-dive into a Sweat-Free Virtual Presentations and then learned 4 Delivery Tips All WebEx Stars Know. Now that you’ve prepared and presented the perfect presentation, it’s time to learn how to leverage the data you gathered from your WebEx tools.

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4 Delivery Tips that all WebEx Stars Know

Thanks to part one of The Presentation Company’s Masterful WebEx Presentation Series, you’ve chosen the perfect WebEx tools to engage your audience, have built the ultimate slide deck for your virtual audience and have planned for the size of your audience.  Now that the pre-presentation planning is out of the way and presentation day is here – what’s next?

In 4 Delivery Tips That All WebEx Stars Know, The Presentation Company’s second installment of the three-part Masterful WebEx Presentation walks you through the do’s and don’ts of sharing your presentation.

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Sweat-Free Virtual Presentations

Thanks to advancements in software and connective technology, virtual meetings now offer the same look, features and realistic feel of face-to-face meetings. And sometimes, the same set of presenter anxieties. Thankfully, whether you’re delivering a video conference for a high-stakes customer or hosting a discussion with internal teams, properly prepping for an amazing presentation is easier than expected.

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Fall Hiring Season Perfect Opportunity for Innovative Web Conference Training

Though most of the country is still experiencing summer’s last surge of scorching temps, fall’s arrival is coming fast. Already one of my favorite seasons with the cooler temps and pumpkin-spice everything it brings, fall also ushers in one of the busiest hiring seasons of the year.

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