Three Successful Webinar Formats

Webinars are a great way to reach a large group of people all at the same time. And webinars are known for converting leads to sales—at a rate of 17.8% in a study conducted by Implisit.

A successful webinar keeps the audience engaged, and that depends not just on the information presented, but on the way in which it’s presented. Try one of these formats for a successful webinar.

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Identify the Content Fatigue Symptoms. Then Get the Cure.

You know how content fatigue feels. Your inbox is inundated. You can’t keep up with all the likes and tweets from your social networks.

What are the symptoms of content fatigue in your marketing? Find the cure with our newest infographic, “The Cure for Content Fatigue: Online Events.”

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Three Musts for Successful Online Events

Online meetings are gaining popularity as extremely cost-effective and engaging mediums to collaborate with employees, partners and teams who may not be in the same location. However, when your objectives are to share information or attract more leads and not necessarily to collaborate over a project or initiative, hosting an online event may be a better alternative. And now is the time to be sure you have the right tools so your events are flawless every time.

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