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Create Magic Moments to Transform Your Workspaces

In my last blog, I talked about how Cisco Webex Teams supports your modern-day work experience. I highlighted how Webex Teams delivers a best-in-class messaging, meeting, and calling experience. Now, I want to talk about how we took Webex Teams a step further. This week, we launched the Cisco Webex Unified Experience. The Webex Unified Experience delivers voice, video, calling, meetings, and team collaboration in a single, unified product. The Webex Unified Experience completes Cisco’s transformation of the Webex platform. It’s simple, intuitive, and have a common look and feel—an industry first. It’s also cloud-ready, and it can integrate with other productivity and workflow apps.

World of Work is Changing

The Cisco Unified Experience brings a simple, unified and seamless collaboration experience to the workplace

When I talk with our customers, I often hear about two major themes. The first is providing an excellent employee experience. The second is having efficient operations. Organizations use a mix of collaboration tools, apps, and devices to get their work done. For example, an organization might use Cisco Webex Meetings for their video conference meetings, Slack for messaging, Outlook for calendaring, and Box as a document management system. These may be well designed on their own, but when you put them together and they don’t allow for smooth workflows. This is also a major challenge for IT. Managing and supporting too many tools is a headache—especially from a security and compliance perspective. It’s difficult for employees to get their jobs done when they’re juggling too many tools. Where are the meeting notes, the latest presentation slides, or those important messages? And more and more of us are working on the go and across time zones, so it’s important for everything to be seamless. Cisco is busy solving all this.

What if Collaboration Can Be Easy, Seamless, and Integrated?

Given this complex modern workplace environment –what can organizations do? We reimagined team collaboration and took it to a whole new level. The Cisco Unified Experience brings a simple, unified and seamless collaboration experience to wherever you are. It offers easy integration with: Microsoft O365, G-Suite, Salesforce, JIRA, ServiceNow or any one of thousands of other applications. It’s a collaboration solution that connects you to your team and to your work.

Overall, Cisco’s platform enables organizations to select how the Cisco Unified Experience will work best for their business no matter where they are in their digital transformation journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the cloud or on-premise, and which tools you already have -Cisco makes it easy for you to achieve a unified collaboration experience. And in Webex teams, new buttons and cards are available to deliver personalization and easy integration.

Magic That Works For Everyone

The Cisco Unified Experience is about bringing people closer together and that’s magic for everyone! We partner closely with organizations to create the right experience. For some, it might be going straight to the Webex Teams app in the cloud to bring all the collaboration offerings together. For other organizations, it might be taking an existing Jabber tool which is on-premise and expanding it into this newly integrated environment with add-ons such as meetings, calling and more. Below are examples of how the Cisco Unified Experience can work in the cloud or on-premise.

Overall, Cisco’s Unified Experience is designed to empower IT to dynamically adjust the app’s capabilities and experience to respond to the specific needs of each part of the business. You gain the operational benefits of managing one single Webex Teams application. And, soon you will be able to choose who in your organization is provided with each of the core capabilities.

Teamwork Without Boundaries and Built For You

Teamwork without boundaries and built for you. At the end of the day, employees shouldn’t have to experience the friction and frustration of a disjointed workplace —with a mix of collaboration tools and apps. Instead, teams should be empowered to work across boundaries and in a seamless way to drive business results.The Cisco Unified Experience is making smart collaboration possible—giving our customers one place for their work and flexibility within their environment. For the business and IT, this is a shared win that goes beyond the employee experience and operational excellence. Business value is delivered when it comes to reduced cost of change management, and one management experience with modern insights. The Cisco Unified Experience creates magic for any organization no matter where they are at on their digital transformation journey. This is something to be excited about…

Whether you’re just starting your team collaboration rollout or are a little further along, there’s no doubt that if you have Cisco Collaboration technology, you need to ask your partner or account manager to try Webex Teams.


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