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Does Your Meetings App Work in the Clouds? Webex Does

On a recent flight from San Francisco, I needed to connect with members of my team well before landing so (no brainer), I started a Webex Meeting. Once I got my airline-preferred Wi-Fi settled, Webex worked just as well at 38,000 feet above sea-level as it did in my office. No blurry or pixelated video, no delay in audio. Everything stayed perfectly synchronized so my experience was just as good as my colleagues who were joining from their home offices or headquarters. I might be biased but, I had every confidence that Webex would work perfectly, but it was such a cool moment of “Zen productivity,” that I just had to give a shout out via Twitter. And yes, I sent this Tweet while in the clouds, too.

We know a thing or two about networking and have invested heavily in building a video-first meeting network that gives you the same amazing video experience wherever you might be. We recently opened our 23rd Cisco Webex data center in Sydney – purpose-built to provide the best video conferencing experience for our customers. Over the last 11 years, we’ve built this vast network, dedicated to making sure your meetings run smoothly. Cisco owns this network and routes all meetings traffic there, so if you are a Cisco Webex customer, you get the best video quality and lowest latency experience possible.

Webex is designed to work wherever you do. You can bring the Webex experience anywhere you prefer to spend your day, whatever surface you live in: Microsoft O365, G-Suite, Salesforce, Jira, ServiceNow or any one of thousands of other applications.

The fact is, most cloud meeting solutions aren’t designed for real-time communications, which makes it very hard to deliver on the promise of video and VoIP. But Webex is different. Because we have the worldwide Webex backbone behind us, we can provide dedicated, global transport between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and our meeting servers. This backbone’s sole purpose is for great media, ensuring the best quality, reliability, and security that is nearly impossible to achieve with other public cloud-based meetings solutions.

When you join via Webex Meetings or Webex Teams, your device communicates with Webex in the cloud to find the most appropriate Video Mesh Nodes for the meeting. Video Mesh combines the quality of on-premises video with the simplicity and scale of the Internet. Your Webex meeting including audio, video, or shared content flows over a private connection – not the – public Internet, and is sent to the Video Mesh Node for processing. This can be a single node on the enterprise network or multiple nodes, cloud and on-premises cascaded together to create the meeting. When you join a meetings from SIP endpoints or our cloud connected video endpoints, you’ll connect to these media nodes as well.

Webex is here to give you the best meetings experience – on any device, from anywhere in the world whether inside or outside of the firewall – even when you are travelling “in the clouds.” We recently unveiled a new set of new, innovative features that help you get an even greater user experience.

Check out the video below to see how Webex can work for you. And to experience the new Webex for yourself, be sure to get on the latest version — you can download it here.



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