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Go Touchless with Cisco Headsets and Extension Mobility

Accommodate Safe Return to the Office with Cisco Headsets and Extension Mobility

2020 has brought some unique challenges and changes to the ways we collaborate. No longer are the days of dropping by a colleague’s desk or using shared office equipment, but instead, many of us are finding new ways to collaborate and work virtually. As we look forward and consider those currently working at healthcare facilities or people returning to the office, we believe there will be a blend of work options at the office and at home. There are many in-office experiences that are forcing companies to re-evaluate how to keep employees safe … such as elevator capacity, maintaining social distance requirements throughout the office, and the use of shared equipment like phones.

Cisco Webex has taken the lead in using technology to help accommodate a safe return to the office with options such as voice-activated meeting rooms, meeting room cleaning notifications, or alerts when a room has reached max capacity. Our goal is to not only help ensure a safe working environment but also use the power of Webex to simplify end user experiences.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, CUCM 12.5(1)SU3, we have combined both safety and ease of use with our phones using Cisco Extension Mobility.

In shared workstations or hot desk environments, users can now log-in and log-out instantly to CUCM / UCM cloud registered phones using their Cisco Headset without having to touch anything!

Seamless Log In and Log Out Experience with CUCM 12.5(1)SU3

With CUCM 12.5(1)SU3, when you connect your Cisco Headset to Extension Mobility enabled Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series, it provides a seamless login and logout experience. The Cisco Headset now becomes the user’s login identity and removes the need to manually enter a username when signing into Extension Mobility at a shared phone. The user no longer needs to use the phone’s alphanumeric keypad to enter a username as their identity is automatically known by CUCM the moment they connect their headset. This feature is available on both the Cisco Headset 500 and 700 Series.

In addition, we have added the option for a pinless login. This means that when using a Cisco Headset, a user doesn’t need to enter a username or a PIN. Instead, sign-in and sign-out happen automatically when they connect/disconnect their headset to the phone. Better yet, with the Cisco Headset 560 DECT Series, the user does not even have to plug in their headset to the phone. Instead, the end user simply places their 560 Headset into the dock at the workstation, and the registered phone automatically signs the individual in through Extension Mobility. Once done for the day, the phone will automatically log the user out of Extension Mobility once the headset is disconnected from the base by either powering down the headset or moving out of range. Cisco’s adoption of touchless experiences helps to keep the end user safer as they return to the office. Of course, IT Administrators can still opt to enforce a PIN for security reasons. The choice is yours!


Watch the demo here on the automatic log in and log out experience of Extension Mobility with the Cisco Headset 560.

Additional Headset Features

We have also included the additional headset features in CUCM 12.5(1)SU3:

  • Enable pinless Extension Mobility Login
  • Associate and disassociate headset to end users along with serial numbers
  • Import and export bulk users to headsets association

Cisco Webex has a unique advantage with the integration of applications and devices to enable a touchless and intelligent workplace.

To read more on what Cisco Webex is doing to prepare for a hybrid workplace, please read Javed Khan’s (Senior VP & GM for Cisco Collaboration) blog on A Blueprint for Hybrid Workplaces.

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