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AT&T and Webex partner to empower today’s hybrid workforce with world-class cloud calling

At this point, it’s likely we’ve all been there: You’re working from home, but so is your significant other, and the kids are remote learning — all at the same time, on the same home network. Your bandwidth is strained or unable to cope, making for less-than-ideal experiences. It can be downright frustrating for everyone.

But there are solutions.

Say goodbye to congested networks, and hello to seamless collaboration

Webex and AT&T are teaming up to address the challenges of hybrid work today and tomorrow, with cloud calling solutions that bring together a world-class communications network and world-class collaboration tools.

“This really sets the stage for the future of business collaboration,” says Rich Shaw, AT&T’s VP of Voice and Collaboration Product Management.

When you place a call via Webex on AT&T’s network, it’ll be made “out of band” to avoid your congested network and ensure you have high-quality audio.

Equipping your team for amazing hybrid work experiences

The hybrid work environment and global communications are here to stay. A company’s ability to provide superior and seamless collaboration experiences might even factor into recruiting and retaining top talent.

“Many businesses are looking at how to attract world-class skilled workers who may not want to be in the office full time. So, you must have a top of the line, world-class package of communication tools, as well as a communications network that will support that hybrid environment,” Shaw says.

With Webex, you get all the collaboration tools you want and need, on any device—combining the reliability, quality, and expertise of the AT&T network across technologies, such as 5G, SD WAN, mobility, fiber, IP toll, and security, paired with Cisco’s trusted infrastructure and cloud communications on your laptop, computer, or mobile device. And, you can easily take that call on your cell phone, but finish it on your computer when you walk into your office, with a simple push of a button.

“We really need to present all form factors to end users, to enable them to communicate and collaborate affectively,” Shaw says. Webex and its partners at AT&T are delivering solutions to meet your team’s ever-evolving collaboration needs now, and in the future.

Learn more about how Webex powers hybrid work and get in touch with us.

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