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Our Best Kept Secret: Calling in Webex for the New Era of Work

The Safe at the Office, Productive Anywhere series highlights new AI-driven experiences that enhance the remote experience & provide a safe return to the office

Calling at the Core – with Webex

I recently stepped into the leadership role for Cisco’s calling business, and I am amazed to see how many phone calls we power each day along with the millions of people that we connect in the most inclusive way possible – making a phone call!

Calling is at the core of how many businesses operate every single day. From the customer to business calls, all the way to the doctor, to patient, and nurse calls. We power everything from retail, to healthcare, manufacturing, and everyone in between who need to be able to reach each other consistently regardless of environment with dependable calling.

Calling in Webex touches so many lives, workflows, and businesses that are now being reimagined as the world has changed its view on remote work and what is possible when working from home, or anywhere actually.

In this new environment, we continue to help organizations of all sizes navigate their calling and communication needs to support their remote workforce. Everyone from large enterprises to small family-owned businesses who have struggled with how best to adapt. It is clear from the data that a work-from-home policy and a cobbled together set of tools does not equal a strategy for success. In fact, remote work without the right tools is simply ineffective:

“54% of HR leaders indicated that poor technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effective remote working”                       – Gartner 2020

What is Calling in Webex?

Calling in Webex is the most essential way for people to connect one on one.  When you make a call, it’s important not only for you to reach the person you are calling, but that you have all the tools and capabilities available at your fingertips to communicate effectively once you do. At Cisco, we understand that our customers need to work in new ways and need simplicity. So, our team has been busy unifying the complete communications and collaboration experience into the Webex app. We have brought together in one experience — calling, meetings, and team collaboration essentials for today’s remote, hybrid and onsite work experience. This minimizes the back and forth between different tools and drives overall productivity in one seamless experience.

Within the Webex app, our customers can start with free calling, and step up into our powerful business calling. We have the most advanced cloud application that connects to all calling architectures:

  1. On premise PBX
  2. Partner hosted Cloud Calling
  3. Cisco native Cloud Calling

In my opinion, Calling in Webex is our best kept secret. To get started, simply sign up on, download the Webex Teams app, add your internal or external contacts and start talking and collaborating with your contacts. It only gets better from here when you attach business calling to your app. Most don’t realize this, so let me say this again, our one app attaches to on prem calling, cloud calling and even partner hosted calling!

With so many people working from home – we took many of the Calling features that used to be only found on the work phone in the office and have made them available from our Webex app for more mobile usage. No matter where you are, you’ll get a consistent calling experience in the office or working remotely.

New Calling Features in the Webex app

Multiline support in the Webex app

Figure 1 – Multiline makes it easier to manage multiple phone lines from within the Webex app

Looking for an easier way to manage multiple phone lines? Now, you can use the Webex app to manage work group environments such as executive-admin, support group, or contact center. Webex supports up to eight phone lines and enables advanced calling features on each line, such as call forward, transfer, hunt group, shared lines, and voicemail. You can also assign different ringtones to each line, making it easier for you to know when calls are coming into certain lines. Finally, your administrator can turn on presence for shared lines so that line status is displayed. The soft client in Webex has reached the next level – it can replace your desk phone for advanced business calling.

Leverage your Mobile Cellular Network from the Webex app

Figure 2 – Dial-via-office allows you to make business calls using the voice network from your mobile carrier

With Dial-via-Office (DvO), you can define different call handling rules in the Webex app, based on your situation. You now have the option to make business calls using the voice network from your mobile carrier. This ensures your calls are uninterrupted, even if data is unavailable. No matter what option you choose, your work number is always used as the caller ID so people can easily identify you. Another great feature to ensure businesses always have business continuity no matter where they work from, while leveraging existing partner ecosystems like mobile cellular networks.

Call Pickup – Teamwork!

Just like when you were in the office, if you’re in a customer support role and your co-worker can’t answer an incoming call to their phone, you can help your team out by taking the phone call for them. With our in-app call pickup, you will get a notification in the Webex app if you are both in the same pickup group. You can answer their call from the notification you get in the app. You get to choose who you help from your app by joining other pickup groups. Teamwork at its best with the flexibility of remote work.

Remote control for faster results

With remote work, most IT organizations have gone from supporting a couple of offices to as many offices as there are people in their organization (aka every employee’s home). We have had to reimagine how to do support at scale into everyone’s homes.

A common problem that users experience from home is needing help diagnosing a problem from their computer. Now, end users can share their screens with a support desk agent during a call from the Webex app, with the ability to step up and grant them remote access to control their computer. This can help everyone save time trying to troubleshoot an issue.

Do more with Webex Calling integrations

We continue to add new enterprise capabilities through our technology partnership programs.

Go Integrator for Cisco Webex Calling was just introduced — so now you can now connect Webex Calling to your preferred CRM platform. This enables quick and easy call management, screen pops, and customer lookups from hundreds of leading CRM vendors including SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zoho and many more.

Another one of our partners, PeterConnects, recently introduced a powerful new receptionist experience that works with Webex Calling. As a web-based application, PeterConnects Receptionist allows a front office receptionist to manage incoming calls for the whole team from virtually anywhere. Handling inbound calls for the whole company has never been easier.  This can be easily deployed for businesses of all sizes.

Be Prepared for this New Era of Work

As you can see, we continue to innovate with our calling and Webex solutions so you can focus on being productive from anywhere and staying safe while doing it. We are making Calling easier for the remote worker, the IT manager, and everyone who needs to get their job done faster, and more efficiently. We do this while leveraging the existing trusted networks, and infrastructure we had in place when we were in the office.

For the full set of updates please see What’s new in Webex and Learn more about how your team can thrive in the hybrid workplace.

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