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Webex Calling now includes expanded call recording capabilities

Enhancements to call recording with Webex Calling

When it comes to call recording, there is a very diverse set of requirements in the industry. Our experience with serving the enterprise calling market has taught us that for many verticals, as in healthcare or financial sectors, there are many regulatory and compliance requirements that must be met. Requirements that may be applicable include how long you must store recordings, who has access, and where they are stored and often vary from one country to another. Call recording is often regulated differently, and more strongly, than meetings recordings. For this reason, we’ve built long standing partnerships with leading vendors that are experts in providing call recording solutions for businesses of all types. We then work closely with them to make sure their recording solutions integrate and perform well with Cisco’s calling platforms, so our customers get the best experience possible.

As we’ve built out the Webex Calling platform, we’ve adopted Session Recording Protocol (SIPREC), the industry standard interface for call recording. Last year, we introduced Dubber Recording as our first Solutions Plus partner to support compliance recording on Webex Calling. Dubber was the first multi-tenant call recording solution born in the cloud with recording and storage capacity around the globe and are experts in the compliance call recording industry. Using SIPREC, we’ve securely inter-connected the Webex Cloud with Dubber’s recording cloud and made the integration simple to enable in Webex Control Hub.

Convenience recording vs. compliance recording

Compliance Recording is a critical business requirement for many companies. Yet other companies may not be subject to the same regulatory bodies and guidance, and simply need basic call recording features. This is what the industry often refers to as “convenience recording” which gives employees the option to record a call for later review at their convenience. In most cases, some calls in the company may be subject to compliance, while others are not.

We’ve been working closely with Dubber on ways we could provide a convenience call recording feature set alongside Dubber Teams, their full compliance ready call recording offer at an economical price.

Dubber Go – Convenience recording now included with Webex Calling

We are thrilled to announce that Webex Calling will now include Dubber Go at no extra charge. Dubber Go will provide all Webex Calling users with unlimited call recording available for download and replay for 30 days from the Dubber cloud.

Once enabled, customer administrators can enable their employees with Dubber Go through the Webex Control Hub admin portal. They can choose to have recording always on or to allow the user to start/stop/pause/resume recording on demand from their phone or Webex app on desktop and mobile. Users will easily be able to record calls and have immediate access to download and replay through the Dubber portal.

One place for managing recordings

If a customer determines that they must comply with regulatory requirements for recording some of their calls, we have made it easy to upgrade from Dubber Go to Dubber Teams. Dubber Teams provides businesses with full administrative access and policy control to recordings across the organization. We believe having one place to store and manage both convenience and compliant recordings simplifies administration and overall compliance conformance procedures.

Hybrid support

Dubber recording is the only call recording solution that works simultaneously with both Webex Calling and our Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) family of calling platforms. This means if you are transitioning from UCM on premises to Webex Calling, you can use Dubber to meet all your call recording requirements and manage it all through one common portal. We will even include Dubber Go convenience recording with every UCM Cloud seat as well. This hybrid approach streamlines your management and administrative experiences.

Take the next step

Webex is making calling easier and more accessible than ever. We’re excited to expand the call recording capabilities and provide flexible feature-rich, easy-to-manage solutions for our customers.

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