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Webex is Named a Leader in the 2022 Aragon Globe™ for UCC

This week, Aragon Research published its sixth annual Research Globe™ for Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), and we’re proud that Webex was once again identified as a leader.

Aragon’s report is considerably larger in the scope this year, reflecting the role of Unified Communications as a complete collaboration platform that must support hybrid work. The report provides a wealth of actionable insights that can help enterprise decision makers chart a strategy that’s best suited for their organization’s needs. I’ll point out a few highlights, but I also encourage everyone to read the full report.

An integrated platform is a must

Aragon notes that in the world of hybrid work, collaboration platforms are rapidly becoming the “digital work hub” where employees and organizations get most of their daily work done. Therefore, they must be comprehensive, fully integrated, and provide a seamless user experience. They must also integrate with a wide range of third-party business applications and devices, ensuring that workflows are adapted to the needs of individual users and organizations.

Aragon notes Webex’s extensive range of integrated capabilities, including our integrated Webex Contact Center offer:

“Cisco’s native cloud calling solution—Webex Calling—is powered by Cisco’s Webex cloud and is integrated with Webex Meetings, messaging, and team collaboration globally. Cisco also offers Webex Contact Center—a cloud contact center service integrated with the Webex UCC suite”

Aragon also highlights our commitment to openness and integration with our recent innovations in native support for Apple devices:

“The Webex App also offers native integration of Webex with Apple iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS to take advantage of capabilities like Picture-in-Picture, the Apple Pencil, connecting Apple and Webex devices with AirPlay, and CarPlay.”

See our integrated iPad experience in action!

Integrated collaboration devices

Webex offers a unique advantage in providing a complete range of innovative collaboration devices. Our devices provide an optimal collaboration experience with both our Webex Suite as well as other vendors’ collaboration platforms. Aragon says:

“Cisco has made significant investments in its hardware portfolio, with recent new products including the 8875 Video Phone, Webex Room Bar, and Webex Desk Mini. All now support integrated collaboration including enterprise calling and cloud meetings.”

The rise of intelligent collaboration

Aragon considers the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) as a key driver and focus area for UCC: “Making UCC more automated and intelligent is one of the big themes for 2022 and beyond.“

We at Webex are proud to be acknowledged as a leader in the development and deployment of collaboration intelligence. Aragon says:

“To date, Cisco is still one of the only vendors that has an integrated virtual assistant that will take commands from humans and do actions such as document action items and then distribute them.”

Webex Assistant is just one of our intelligence focus areas. Over the past two years, we have invested extensively in bringing innovative intelligence capabilities to the entire Webex portfolio.

For instance, our People Focus feature provides inclusive experiences for all hybrid meetings participants. In the audio area, we have introduced innovative noise removal and voice optimization for both individual and multiple speakers. Inclusivity and global reach are also supported by extensive language capabilities including captions, transcripts, and real-time translation into 100+ caption languages.

Security: Built-in by design

Beyond all the great features, a collaboration platform is measured by the strength of its infrastructure, within which security is paramount. We at Webex take pride in using Cisco’s industry leading in-house security capabilities and building them into Webex from the ground up. This ensures optimal security coverage and provides fully integrated monitoring, alerting, response, and management capabilities. Aragon says:

“The Webex Platform also focuses extensively on security, including support for privacy, encryption, data loss prevention, mobile security, and regulatory and legal compliance. With 47 data centers, it also supports data residency and sovereignty requirements globally.”

A key takeaway from Aragon’s report is that selecting the right UCC platform has become a critical business decision—with significant impacts on productivity, effectiveness, and employee wellbeing.

Webex provides secure, integrated software and hardware to enable organizations to optimize communications and collaboration and support hybrid work. Webex offers the complete platform organizations need to connect employees and customers to get work done.

Aragon Names Webex a Leader in UCC

Webex delivers an integrated collaboration platform that positively impacts productivity, effectiveness, and employee wellbeing—fully supporting hybrid work.

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