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Announcing our Webex Combo Contest Winners!

I’m delighted to announce the winners of our Webex Combo Contest for November and December 2019!

This is our contest that began in November where anyone can suggest “great combinations” that reinforce our belief in the power of collaboration.

Our new “The best collaborations happen on Webex” marketing campaign shows these great combinations in our ads, such as this one with donuts and coffee:

To enter the contest, simply think of other “great combinations” that could complete this future Webex ad:

… then post your idea to social media using #WebexCombo. It’s that easy!

For more details about the contest, please visit my November 4 Cisco blog.

Contest winners

The first round of our contest began on November 4 and we’ve been amazed by the many creative concepts that have been submitted.  The entries listed on Twitter and other social platforms tagged with #WebexCombo are wonderful!

There have been so many great entries that we’ve chosen these 6 winners for November and December:

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Laura Ruelas – Laura’s entry

Thomas Hütte – Thomas’ entry – and check out his other great entries!

Milk and Cookies

Scott Edwards – Scott’s entry

Cory Treffiletti – Cory’s entry

Tacos and Tuesdays

Chris Palermo – Chris’ entry and check out his other amazing entries!

John Wayne Maioriello – John’s entry and his other wonderful entries

Contest prizes

These 6 winners will receive Cisco’s new Bluetooth Headset 730 which lets them collaborate in style from anywhere. The 730 has many advanced features including seamless audio transitions between your PC, phone, or other Webex device during a meeting.

The top winning entries may also be used in our future digital and billboard ads! Our creatives think creating ads is their job, but hey, power to the people!  For legal reasons, we won’t use any of your graphics but we’ll use your idea and let our creatives do the artwork.

The contest continues

We’re so impressed with your creativity that we’ve decided to keep the contest running into 2020.  So now you can enter the contest and go after these prizes by posting your combination idea to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram using #WebexCombo.

It’s easy – no artistic skill is required!  Graphics are nice but you can also just take a photo of great combinations or provide your ideas in words. And feel free to use 3, 4, or more items in your combination.  One of our London ads on an Underground train shows the 5 parts of an English Breakfast!

Congratulations to these winners and thanks so much to everyone who submitted these incredible entries that reinforce the power of collaboration. Have a great holiday season and I look forward to seeing your contest entries in 2020!


Aruna Ravichandran

VP / CMO, Webex Collaboration Global Marketing, Cisco

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