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Meetings and Room Devices: The Best Collaborations Happen on Webex … Especially in the New Decade

The Awesome Power of Webex Collaboration Combinations

You may have seen our latest brand campaign which features things that go well together like avocado and toast, champagne and strawberries, coffee and donuts.

Well, it’s not food, but I happen to be working on the quintessential example of great collaborations on Webex. That’s when you use Webex meeting apps (Meetings and Teams) and Webex Room devices together.


Collaboration in 2020:  Webex Meetings + Webex Room Devices

For me and some of our customers, this is the only way to work – joining a Webex meeting on a DX80 or Webex Room device, and your meeting experience is transformed. Working any other way seems antiquated … a little like 2010. But now that we’re in 2020, this is the way to collaborate effortlessly:

  • Use the Webex Meetings or Teams apps to effortlessly pair with, start or end a meeting, or wirelessly share content on a Webex Room device (such as Webex Board, Room Kits or DX80).
  • Use your Webex Room device to dial into a Webex Meetings or Teams call through a variety of ways: clicking the Webex button, clicking on a URL, entering personal meeting rooms, or having the meeting call your device.
  • Transfer an ongoing Webex Meetings or Teams call from a mobile device onto a Webex Room device mid-meeting or take that meeting with you on your mobile device if you have to leave the meeting early.

We already have hundreds of millions of users of Webex Meetings and Teams each month, and millions of Webex Room devices deployed, but there is still a sizable population that hasn’t yet benefitted from using the two together. What we know is that if you don’t use them together, you’re not having the best collaboration experience you could have. And, worse yet, your organization would be leaving value on the table. So, we went about trying to quantify that value.

The Pay-off

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI)  study to identify all of the factors that affect technology investment decisions – benefits, cost, flexibility, and risk. Based on an analysis of Cisco Webex meetings and Webex Room devices through customer feedback and evaluation of cost models, Forrester determined the following three-year impact:

  • 45% of total benefits were attributed to the uplift of adding Webex Room devices to Webex Meetings or Teams deployment
  • 450% return on investment
  • < 3-month payback

See the infographic of The Total Economic Impact of Webex Meetings + Devices by Forrester Research

The Forrester study further noted that Cisco Webex meetings + Webex Room devices enable organizations to simplify their collaboration environment, allowing users to more easily participate in meetings from anywhere, on any device. Adding Webex Room devices extends the investment that companies have made in their Webex Meetings and Teams investment and enables greater simplicity and delightful user experience. This experience allows users to focus on the content of the meeting, not the technology powering it.

Tune in for the details

We’ve unpacked all of this great information with guest speaker Forrester TEI consultant Amy Harrison in this webinar. Plus, you’ll hear a lot of anecdotal evidence that Amy will share based on findings from the study.

Please tune in to learn how the best collaborations happen on Webex meetings + Webex Room devices.  Welcome to collaboration in the next decade.

Want to learn more on the TEI of Cisco Webex collaboration technologies and the benefits, costs and flexibility factors that go into an investment decision?  Watch the webinar here

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