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Our newest Webex devices, built to fit any kind of workspace

It’s been a year full of newness- new challenges, new technologies, new ways of working. While traditionally the idea of something “new” is exciting as it implies growth and welcomes opportunity -sometimes “new” gets old. We’ve massively transformed the ways we work in the last year and a half inundating us with change. Looking forward, the next phase in collaboration shouldn’t have to feel like another unprecedented time, because connecting with people never gets old.

That’s why at Webex, we’ve announced our next iteration of devices that feel intuitive and natural, so that collaboration can be something that you just do… without added logistics to solve for through technology that adapts to users, not the other way around. We’re building devices that match your lifestyle, enhance your personal way of working, and aesthetically fit the spaces where you work.

Devices that never get old with rich experiences- no matter where or how you work

At WebexOne, we announced the latest addition to our Desk series – the Webex Desk Mini. Because home office spaces aren’t always “home office spaces,” our team set out to build the perfect at-home collaboration tool. The result is a personal device with a professional spin. Designed with a small base to fit any space, a touch screen that sits just above your laptop, and a perfectly balanced handle that makes the product portable, the Webex Desk Mini can be moved when you sign out for the day. That way, your kitchen table can return to being a kitchen table in the evening. And with the same built-in security and manageability that only Cisco can offer, the Desk Mini is a professional-grade tool that feels like your own personal device.

With the Desk Mini being the perfect all-in-one device for the home, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t announce the perfect all-in-one for the office.  Meet the Webex Board Pro- a collaboration device that makes even the largest meeting spaces feel intimate. That intimacy is enabled by a new dual-camera technology: one wide-view camera that captures people standing close by (like standing at the board, whiteboarding), and a second camera that captures clear images of people farther away (like individuals sitting in the back of a large conference room). These clear visuals, combined with front-facing speakers and a directional microphone array, result in collaboration that feels natural- regardless of location or workspace.

Limited-edition colors that fit your personal style and your unique workspace

Work-life balance looks different than it used to. In today’s workplace, there’s seldom, if ever, separation between work and life. Offices are stationed in homes, and your email is connected to your personal mobile device. “Work” and “life” are dynamic and fluid, and the devices that we use should reflect that reality. For that reason, I’m excited to announce that the Webex Desk and Desk Mini will be available in five color editions. Devices that fit into your home, or that stand out – either way, reflecting your own personal style.

New headsets give you choice in professional audio… with a luxury option that you’ll want to use after work, too

In designing devices that effortlessly integrate work and home life, our vision was to create audio technologies that meet work and personal needs. To bring this vision to life, we’re excited to partner with Bang & Olufsen on the Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 Headset. With a desire to change the way people see, hear, and feel the world, the 980 Headset provides a premium, wireless, over-ear experience that combines timeless design and beautiful sound. With Webex integrations and features like call controls, adaptive active noise cancellation, and Cisco management and analytics, the 980 Headset is the perfect professional headset with personal, luxurious style.

Giving you more choice in audio collaboration, we’re expanding our Headset portfolio with the new Headset 300 series. Featuring a new Webex button, which can be clicked by users to take a call, start a meeting, and even bring the Webex app to the front of your device screen. Plus it covers all the essentials – noise isolation, exceptional comfort, and vibrant audio – the Cisco Headset 320 allows you to maximize your investment. An affordable headset with a one-step deployment.

Our newest RoomOS 11, extraordinary software on a UI that feels familiar

Our goal is to design devices that enable seamless collaboration experiences regardless of where or how your work. But that kind of consistency and ease of use can only exist when powerful devices are married to extraordinary software. In our latest RoomOS update, we’ve added features that are familiar, so that using our devices feels intuitive. For instance, we’re introducing a new user interface that runs entirely on apps for ease-of-navigation. Using swipes and gestures that you are used to, access the new control panel or navigate between applications for in-call multitasking. RoomOS 11 adapts to your workspace – with features like People Focus, which ensures everyone is equally represented in the meeting.

We’re also updating whiteboarding capabilities so you can create with anyone, anywhere. With whiteboarding templates, emoji reactions and rich tools for co-creation, it’s easy to get creativity flowing. Updated capabilities make it easy to find past whiteboards, access whiteboards from any device, and share with external team members – so that no one is left out of whiteboarding with the team.

We’re designing software and devices that make collaboration feel natural, not unprecedented, with tools that simplify your work. We’re creating an experience that’s as easy as approaching your device and joining a meeting.

To learn more about these exciting innovations in Webex Devices, register for WebexOne, and watch the keynote and Hybrid Workspaces breakout sessions live or catch-up with the replays at your leisure.

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