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RoomOS November update

November already! They say that time flies when you are busy, and here at Cisco we have been super busy working on some new, cool features for RoomOS. These new features will make collaboration and co-creation a breeze.

Companion Mode

Friends are great. They have your back, and help you out when you need it. With our newly released Companion Mode feature, your board and device can help each other out, too. This feature is about getting a board and a room device in the same physical room and making them work as one entity by creating a virtual device. This means that you to focus on creating and communicating, while the room systems do all the rough work for you. This frees up precious time, so you and your team can get more done.

This is the first release of the feature, where the configuration currently tested is a double screen device with Webex Board’s on opposite sides of the room, facing each other. It can also be set up with the single screen device and Webex board next to it. If you want to learn more about this feature, check out this article.

Cloud Add Participants (Ad-hoc Calling)

No matter how hard we try, it can be difficult to keep up with who should be included in a meeting. Things change, and in the middle of a call you might remember that you forgot to invite someone. Now you can easily add cloud participants to your call. This feature has been available for on-premises from the start, and we now have finally made it available for cloud, too. If you are wondering about adding PSTN or SIP users, we are working on making that happen, and these two will come in future releases. Learn more here.

Webex Board Touch-Redirect

We also are excited to introduce the Webex Board Touch-Redirect, a feature that has been highly requested by our educational customers. By connecting a laptop to a Webex Board, users can interact with their laptop’s app through the board’s touch interface. In educational settings, teachers can show their students apps that are only available to view on laptops/computers. This allows for a richer, more dynamic learning experience for the students, and teachers will no longer have to manually switch between a board and a laptop- they can focus on what’s really important, the teaching. However, this feature can be applied to multiple settings and scenarios. For businesses, knowledge sharing and interactive training sessions in-house will greatly benefit from this new feature. You can find out more by clicking this link.

What’s More..

In addition to these three features, we have many other interesting things in our pipeline. Our partnership with Microsoft was recently announced, which was born out of our customers need to enhance interoperability between different conference rooms and calling infrastructure solutions.

Check out the Microsoft announcement: here.

And, be sure to read up on how this partnership fuels digital transformation efforts and meets business goals.

We also have a great feature for our on-premise customers wanting to experience cloud services coming up in December. If you want to read up on this while you wait for the release, please go ahead and read Richard’s blog entry.

That’s it for November, and I will be back in December with some new and exciting features.

Stay tuned!

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