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Webex Board For Team Collaboration: Designed For The Way You Work

Webex Board and Team Collaboration

It’s Monday morning when an email from a client comes into your inbox. They ask for your help with a full rebrand. Don’t worry. You’ve got this! First things first, you need to get your team together. Not everyone is at the same office thanks to your new hybrid work setup; they’re either working from home or different locations. With Cisco Webex, you quickly send out a meeting invite with all the video conference details.

It’s time to start the meeting. You find the nearest conference room with a Webex Board, and you begin by saying, “OK Webex, start the meeting.”

Now, let’s get to work.

Team Collaboration Starts with Good Team Tools

With wireless screen sharing and digital whiteboarding, it’s easy to share the client’s project brief with your team and start brainstorming right away. The team’s collaboration has quickly resulted in some good ideas! You’re just not quite there yet, though.

Inspiration strikes one of your team members while on his commute. He uploads an image to the Cisco Webex Teams mobile app, and your designer makes the final edits right away. You’ve done it, another team success!

See how Cisco Webex transforms the way you collaborate

No Matter The Task at Hand, The Webex Board Fuels Team Collaboration

No matter your job, daily tasks require quick resolutions. In most workplaces, team collaboration needs to be agile and mobile. When you’re collaborating in the same room or across the world, Webex keeps your teams’ ideas flowing even after the meeting.

Did you know 93% of people said they want digital whiteboards in their workplace? And according to the Dimensional Research survey, the leading reasons were wanting an easy way to save and distribute their work.

Webex Board allows you to share content, join meetings, and make calls. It also enables you to co-create using a digital whiteboard that can be shared via email or Webex Teams after collaborating is over! And you can continue to iterate on your work.


How many times have you been working on a whiteboard and take a picture afterward?

Natural Collaboration Experiences

Cisco’s team collaboration devices products have been thoughtfully designed to work the way you work. For example, the Webex Board automatically zooms in to the speaker with our best-view technology. It knows the active speaker and amplifies their voice, instead of background noise like papers being moved around on the desk. These details support a great video conferencing experience and allow for an as-good-as-being-there experience. Most importantly, it helps you focus on getting things done.

Start Collaborating With Your Webex Board

Don’t be afraid to try something new; we’ve made Cisco Webex Boards intelligent. When you walk into the room, the Webex Board automatically detects and greets you. Just tap the Webex Board screen or say something like, “Hey Webex, call Jane Smith.” and you’re ready to start collaborating.

The easiest way to join a meeting is with simple touch of the ‘call’ button. Or, if you have the Cisco Webex Meetings or Webex Teams, you can easily pair to the device from the application and join video conferences from the Webex Board.

Are you collaborating with your team members in the same room? Wirelessly share content or begin using the whiteboard to co-create.

We’ve got you covered with all the basics in our new Webex Boards – The Essentials eBook.

Get started and see how effortless it is to collaborate with your video conferencing device.


Responsible For Deploying Your Organization’s Webex Boards? We’ve Got a Toolkit For That

Adopting new technology can be intimidating for employees. They want as little friction as possible when trying to accomplish their daily tasks. We’re here to help.

We have created a toolkit just for you with the resources you need to drive adoption. We’ve included:

  • Value statements to help you get leadership buy-in
  • Guides to set up and manage your device
  • Promotional posters, email, and use cases for your users

Go ahead, be the Webex Board hero you know you are.

Get your teams started with Webex Boards by using our adoption toolkit.

Employees need technology that fits their work style and frankly, just works. And administrators need to know it’s secure. No matter how you work, or your teams collaborate, the Webex Board helps you get things done.

Don’t forget to check out our new Webex Board eBook designed to help users or our adoption toolkit for your organization’s adoption efforts.




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