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Webex Teams & On-Premise Devices

Cisco Webex Teams: every room, every device, every meeting

Wireless is the new killer app. I love that my consumer products have built-in wireless technology making them easier to use, I don’t need to get tangled in cables listening to music on the go or plug in a cable to keep my phone charged. Wireless is also the new killer app at work. Every day, I wirelessly connect to Webex conferencing devices from Webex Teams to share content and start meetings. I’m not alone, many Webex Teams users choose to wirelessly connect to devices. I love walking into a meeting room that has a Webex device, my laptop seamlessly connects to the Webex device using Cisco’s wireless technology with my on-premise devices. Hey presto, I’m now ready to share content and join meetings, removing the hassle of connecting cables and adapters. Many of our customers still have large deployments of on-premise Webex devices and the wireless technology was previously only compatible with cloud-registered devices. I’m excited to announce that is changing in our June release of Webex Teams as you can now wirelessly share content and join meetings on all Webex devices – cloud and on-premises.

Webex Devices: Hasta la vista cables!

Goodbye cables! Hello automatic, instantaneous presentations and meetings using your on-premise or cloud device. Share wirelessly to a Webex device with everyone huddled together in the same room or start a meeting and share wirelessly with remote participants. If I am sharing video content, I can even turn on high frame sharing so there is no lag and I can also share audio. With Cisco’s wireless technology, everyone in the meeting can be connected to the Webex device at the same time so anyone can take over the share at any time. No more cable swapping and chair hopping, now you get slick free flowing, fully inclusive meeting experiences.

Be in (remote) control of the meeting with Webex Teams

Webex Teams gives you a big green button to join all your meetings and calls. If you are in a room with an on-premise or cloud device, you can also join the meeting from Webex Teams on your computer and control the meeting experience remotely from your computer. Joining a meeting takes seconds, walk into the meeting room at the start of the meeting, automatically connect to the device and then select the big green button for the meeting. Now that Webex Teams works with on-premise and cloud devices, it works with every meeting room and gives you a similar experience to cloud-registered devices. During the meeting, everyone can connect to the device and control the meeting. If someone is talking too quietly, anyone can remotely turn up the volume on the Webex device from their computer. If the device is muted and someone wants to talk, anyone can unmute the Webex device from their computer. It’s like everyone having their own TV remote control for a TV, everyone gets to decide what to watch. Unfortunately, unless you have multiple Webex meetings ongoing, there is no channel hopping.

Get connected

With all these great features, you can even get more value from your existing on-premise devices. Meetings are transformed as they start faster, sharing does not require any cables or adaptors and everyone can participate equally in the meeting. To start sharing and joining meetings on your on-premise devices, learn all you need to know here.
We will be adding even more features soon, such as Move Call, where you can start the call on your computer and then move the call to a Webex device. And, if you prefer not to send video, it will soon be possible to remotely mute the video being sent from the Webex device. With all these share & meeting enhancements, Teams is the best way to enjoy your meetings. Webex Teams & Webex Devices together make all your meetings better, get started by downloading Webex Teams from today.

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