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What’s new in RoomOS: April 2021

It’s officially springtime, the days are getting lighter and warmer, and the RoomOS features keep on rolling! This time around we are bringing you 7 new features, custom designed to enhance your collaboration experience.

Immersive Share

There has been a lot of excitement around Immersive Share since we announced it at WebexOne. And for good reason – this feature brings your presentations to life. Immersive Share allows you to put yourself in front of your presentation or whatever content you are displaying on your computer. This allows for more natural, lifelike presentations, where the focus is on both yourself and the content. The presentation and the video are sent in the content stream, so you will stay in focus until you stop sharing. Immersive Share is available on your Desk Pro through the floating toolbar. Learn more by visiting the help article.

5×5 grid layouts

With so many people working from home, grid layouts are becoming increasingly important for effective communications. We are now making 5×5 grid layouts available for your Webex devices, aligning more closely with the Webex app. Click here to learn more.

New layout menu

We are dedicated to creating more consistent experiences across our device portfolio, and to make it easier for you to display what is important. This is why we are introducing a new, more modern layout menu to display the different options available for layouts on each device. The iconography and layout family names are also aligned with the Webex app, so you have a consistent experience whether you join from a device, or from the Webex client on your laptop. You can find more information in the help article.

Improved grid views on dual-screen systems

In addition to this, we are making improvements to the available video layouts for dual-screen devices. The prominent layout will show a large active speaker on one monitor, and 5×5 grid on the second screen. As for the grid layout, it will show all participants in equal size, with a maximum of 3×4 + 3×4 participants. Click here to learn more.

All languages supported on keyboard

We are excited to announce that every language available for device’s UI will now have a keyboard layout as well. All display languages are now supported on the Cisco Webex Room Navigator, and every touch user interface. It is simple to set up – the keyboard language will be configured by simply selecting the system language on the device. More information can be found here.

Control camera view on Room USB from remote control

Webex devices will automatically frame the person in front of the camera, but sometimes you want to focus on an object or a specific area of the room. Now you can manually control the camera on the Cisco Webex Room USB with a TRC6 remote control. You can use the remote control to pan, tilt and zoom the camera. Learn more by visiting the help article.

Host controls for raise hand

In large meetings, participants can click the raise hand button to let the host know they have a question, but they often do not lower their hand when the question has been addressed, and it’s difficult to know when 10 people have raised hands who still wants to ask something.
The host and cohost can now lower hands via the participant list on the device in order

to keep track of those who still have questions. In the participant list, the host and cohost can lower all raised hands through the more menu, or just one at a time, by clicking on the particular person. Need some guidance? Please visit the help article.

This is what we have for April, and I really hope you will try out some of these features for yourself! In order to align the RoomOS release schedule to the Webex app, we are holding our May release, and releasing early June instead.

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What’s new in Webex: April 2021

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