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CPaaS Insights and Lessons from HIMSS 2023

The primary goal for healthcare organizations is to provide exceptional care to improve patient outcomes. But achieving this goal is not without its challenges. Fragmented communications and disjointed experiences can compromise patient results. This blog highlights our key takeaways from one of the largest healthcare events in North America, HIMSS. This flagship event is filled with knowledge sharing, cutting-edge technologies, and discussing key challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry. We’ll explore our findings on the transformative potential that cloud communications platforms have in revolutionizing healthcare communication. By automating, orchestrating, and monitoring interactions at scale while maintaining security, cloud communications platforms present a game-changing solution for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance patient outcomes through smarter interactions.

Communication experiences are disconnected

In an era where consumers demand seamless and personalized communication, healthcare organizations struggle to adapt their systems to meet these expectations. A prevalent issue in the healthcare industry is the fragmentation between different departments within an organization. These departments often rely on different tools, providers, and channels when communicating with patients. Internally, this lack of integration hinders the smooth transfer of vital information. Patient data and communication history fail to seamlessly flow from one department to the next. Externally, patients encounter a disjointed experience, as if they are engaging with distinct entities during each interaction. This lack of cohesion can lead to missed appointments and diminished patient satisfaction, both of which impact patient outcomes and pose financial burdens on the healthcare sector.

To address these challenges and create a more unified communication experience, healthcare organizations can leverage cloud communications platforms like Webex Connect. Serving as a centralized hub, a low-code/no-code communication platform allows healthcare providers to effectively manage patient interactions across all departments on any channel. Webex Connect integrates with existing Electronic Health Systems, such as EPIC & Cerner, and enables the delivery of automated alerts, reminders, and interactive two-way chats through popular channels like SMS, voice, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp. By offering patients the flexibility to communicate through their preferred channels, Webex Connect ensures a seamless and personalized experience throughout their healthcare journey.

Security is a top priority

The communication challenges faced by healthcare organizations extend beyond synchronizing existing systems across organizational structures. They also face significant compliance requirements and regulatory standards such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Healthcare providers must ensure that patient data remains confidential, is transmitted securely, and is only accessible to authorized individuals. Failure to comply with HIPAA can result in severe penalties and reputational damage for the healthcare organization.

Because of this, healthcare providers need to carefully consider their communication tools and platforms. It is crucial to choose a cloud communications platform that prioritizes security and offers robust features to safeguard patient information. With Webex Connect, powered by Cisco’s legacy and strong reputation in security, healthcare organizations can trust that their patient information is safe and protected. Webex Connect ensures end-to-end encryption and adheres to HIPAA regulations, giving healthcare professionals peace of mind while communicating and collaborating with patients.

Financial pressures are rising

The healthcare sector is currently facing numerous financial challenges due to various factors such as inflation, an aging population, the prevalence of chronic conditions, and understaffing. However, one often overlooked aspect that further exacerbates these burdens is the lack of automation in patient communications. Inefficient communication systems can significantly increase costs and hinder the financial well-being of healthcare organizations. Without automated systems in place, healthcare providers must rely on human resources to manage patient inquiries, appointment scheduling, and other administrative processes. This not only requires a larger workforce but also forces existing employees to work longer hours to keep up with the demands. The financial implications of hiring and paying additional staff, as well as the increased risk of employee burnout and turnover, can place a significant strain on the organization.

Webex Connect’s advanced capabilities in AI (Automated Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) can help healthcare organizations streamline patient interactions and alleviate the burden on not only their employees but also their finances. Whether it’s handling a few patient queries or scaling up to thousands, chatbots can seamlessly address each inquiry simultaneously. Available 24/7, patients can engage with these virtual assistants outside of regular operating hours and from any location, ensuring accessibility to crucial information and care. This round-the-clock availability results in a substantial boost in productivity, reduced inbound phone traffic, and shorter wait times, leading to significant cost savings and an overall more efficient experience for patients and providers.

Embracing a cloud communications platform has the potential to revolutionize healthcare communication and drive significant improvements in patient outcomes. To learn more about Webex Connect explore our healthcare support page or get in touch with one of our experts today.

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