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Reimagining customer experiences with Webex

The five foundational competencies of exceptional customer-focused businesses

You’re hearing a lot about customer experience – and how great ones come from businesses that embrace customer-friendly digital messaging channels, self-service options like chatbots that can provide instant answers, and proactive communications that anticipate needs before they even arise.

But how does a business adapt to provide bothcustom in-the-moment answers using digital expertise, and still make human agents available for more critical, high touch conversations?

And when a customer does speak to a human agent, how do you continuously enable the agent to provide answers quickly and accurately with the collaborative wisdom of AI-powered tools or by collaborating real time with anyone in the enterprise, so that they never feel alone or stuck?

Finally, how do you learn from that entire interaction, before a single phone call is placed to the contact center, and make it faster and more straightforward for the next customer, constantly delighting every customer that arrives at your virtual front door?

See what a reimagined customer experiences looks like when enabled by technology that allows a business to connect data, provide omnichannel communication options, and empower agents.

Webex for Customer Experience enables companies to fulfill the five key customer experience competencies you saw in action in the video above, to create lifelong relationships with customers, including the ability to listen, engage, augment, learn, and adapt.

Watch the WebexOne 2021 Day 2 keynote for a dive deep into Webex for Customer Experience and how they help businesses deliver on these core competencies.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these essential customer experience competencies in more detail.

Listen: gather and create rich customer profiles

It all starts with the ability to listen to your customers. What is that customer’s intent, and what is their effort?  They are busy just like you, and it should be a great experience at first contact. Are you providing the most efficient help or response?

We’ll soon be launching private beta trials for a new journey data service that helps businesses understand customer intent and effort across every interaction they have with a business, to help provide visibility to these questions.

This journey data service can listen to a wide variety of touchpoints, creating a sum of the customer’s interactions with your business such as website clickstream data in analytics tools, transactional data from an ERP system, data from contact center channels, and customer sentiment data from a survey. The ability to bring into all these otherwise siloed interactions into a single view of the customer’s journey is at the heart of this service.

Plus, the journey data service enables you to create a progressively updated customer profile across the lifetime of their interactions. Having the capability to dynamically update a customer profile allows your business to provide more personalized experiences just for them, increasing the likelihood of giving you an amazing net promoter score, deciding on a purchase, or leaving a raving review.

Engage: connect with customers how, when, and where they want

Next is the ability to engage customers by meeting them where they are, in the moment, with context, and using their preferred channel of communication.

With our new integration of digital channels from imimobile into Webex Contact Center, we will soon be able to offer industry-leading digital channel choices for customers to connect with businesses.

For example, if customers are in a noisy place or don’t want to disclose specific information using their voice, they can interact with you using their favorite messaging application. In fact, messaging is the preferred channel for a whole new generation of consumers because of the simplicity of the interface.

We extend the same type of flexibility to agents, empowering them with a single inbox to service multiple customers across any channel, complete with context history about previous human and virtual interactions, making it easy to have precise, context-rich interactions

Webex Contact Center provides agents history of all customer communications at their fingertips, so they can immediately engage with full customer context across both digital and voice channels.

We also provide administrators the controls they need to monitor and control these channels so that as agents progressively delight customers, they have the right levers in place to enable more or limit.

Augment: leverage AI and collaboration to create super agents

Implementing natural, AI-powered conversational voice bots (IVR) is a great way to augment human agent workloads by empowering customers to use their natural voice to get answers quickly. Chatbots can be deployed for 24/7 access to responses and to trigger automated tasks like a change of address or password reset request.

In addition, the same AI/ML services can listen to agents across the entire contact center, and using algorithms from all interactions, provide fast solutions in real time, making any agent a super agent.

And if AI can’t solve the issue, agents can now reach an entire team of experts anywhere in the enterprise real time. Employees can now all be in a virtual space using our integrated Webex App to collaborate in real time, allowing a team of other experts from within the business to collaborate and provide customers with faster, more personalized responses.

The new Webex App integration into the Webex Contact Center agent desktop allows agents to easily call, message, or video conference with subject matter experts to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Learn: use insights to predict and optimize customer experiences

Using Webex Experience Management predictive analytics, businesses can learn how potential changes to factors influencing customer experience will affect business outcomes, including the impact of financial metrics—even before committing to them.

This is a fantastic way to get the customer lens for interactions with any business, identify broken touchpoints across digital or IVR interactions, and proactively alert these sentiments with the ability to resolve them.

Businesses can use Webex Experience Management to identify prominent themes impacting customer experience, then drill down into identified themes to perform sophisticated deeper analysis on potential actions, even including potential ROI of those actions.

Adapt: automate customer journeys with no or low code

Finally, we are making it simple for anyone to use these customer experience learnings and continuously improve and optimize by using our intuitive drag-and-drop workflow builder that enables both business and technical users to customize communications sequences.

The real power of this functionality comes from the ability to take events from any business system, and proactively provide customers with relevant, timely information tailored to their needs, using the specific communications channel they are known to prefer most.

Utilizing imimobile’s market-leading communications platform as a service (CPaaS) technology,  this allows any business to create differentiating customer experiences with low-code options. You can learn more about the power of this technology in the Every interaction counts with enterprise CPaaS blog by Jay Patel.


Our Communications Platform as a Service (Webex Connect) provides Webex Contact Center tools to orchestrate automated, proactive customer communication, informed by events that take place in linked business systems, and using individual customer’s communication channel of choice. 

Creating lifelong customers by reimagining customer experience

You can see how powerful integrated customer experience solutions are in powering on these five core competencies.  But exceptional customer experience is an ongoing journey, not a destination – and Webex Customer Experience solutions help businesses optimize customer experiences as a continuous cycle, creating lifelong customers that continue to consume more of your products and services and becoming raving fans of your brand.

Learn more through the WebexOne 2021 customer experience content, including an entire day of dedicated keynotes and breakout sessions.

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