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Orchestrating the world’s best customer experiences with Webex Connect

Delivering great customer experiences is a key business priority and crucial for businesses looking to thrive and grow. Our research established this loud and clear, delivering a great customer experience is no longer a nice to have. Most customers (75%) see good CX as a reason to be a repeat customer, making it as important as price (76%) and therefore this has the potential to have serious financial implications for business if not addressed. Customers prefer to interact with businesses that enable quick resolution of issues, build a rapport by having meaningful and impactful interactions, and communicate only what is relevant to them.

So, how can businesses meet these expectations? The answer is straightforward. By recognizing customer interactions as part of an end-to-end journey, businesses can insert intelligence and automation into parts of that journey from the initial general inbound inquiry to post service feedback surveys. Businesses who leverage the digital channels available today, can gain an advantage by sending proactive, personalized communications to their customers, without waiting for customers to reach out to them with an issue or support request first. Introducing automation that can provide two-way conversations or self-service for repeatable or high-volume, low-value processes can also drive improvements in speed of service or issue resolution.

Elevate customer experiences with CPaaS solutions

With the proliferation of multiple communication channels comes many touchpoints where customers can start their interaction with businesses. Each interaction across every touchpoint must be well orchestrated to ensure customers have a seamless and consistent experience when interacting with a business. This is where an Enterprise CPaaS solution like Webex Connect plays an important role.

Webex Connect, our cloud-based Enterprise CPaaS platform automates and orchestrates end-to-end journeys enabling businesses to take control of their customer interactions and deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences.

With many enterprises actively looking to accelerate their digital footprint, it is imperative that their IT teams keep up with meeting evolving customer demands. They need to have the right technology and infrastructure that enables rapid innovation and supports scale to handle large volumes of data without disrupting routine business communications. The most common challenges businesses face are the ever-evolving number and range of communication channels, legacy business systems and applications that are rigid and work in silos which leads to fragmented journeys.

Enterprises need a single, centralized platform and orchestration layer that works with existing systems and applications to design, deploy, and manage customer journeys across multiple communication channels, like Webex Connect.

We are pleased to announce a few exciting enhancements that will support businesses to deliver superior CX better:

1) Making interactions richer with channel enhancements and new channels:

a. Introducing Branded Text and RCS in North America –As RCS gains popularity with the backing of the likes of Google, GSMA, and Android, text messaging is getting richer and more interactive. Branded Text is a step further in this direction, where businesses can ensure safe and branded interactions with their customers, establishing their brand identity and authenticity. Customers can now view the name of the brand with a verified symbol beside it when they receive a message on their mobile. Not only are they aware of the business they are interacting with, but customers can also leverage rich media features like links, quick replies, and carousels to engage with the brand, enhancing their overall experience.

b. WhatsApp for Business’ enhancements:

  • WhatsApp’s pricing change: The channel announced its new pricing model that charges businesses for a 24-hour window or ‘session’ from the start of the conversation. The session begins with the first message sent out by the business as a reply to a customer-initiated conversation or a proactive message from the business. Businesses can now interact and reach out to customers maintaining an ‘always-on’ presence for their customers.
  • List Messages and Quick replies: Businesses can now send lists of items or services to choose from, to their customers. WhatsApp will also have quick-reply buttons which customers can respond with just a tap on the screen making their interactions with brands faster, richer, and more engaging.

c. Quick replies in Apple Messages for Business –Customer interactions are now made richer and more interactive with quick-reply buttons. With this enhancement, customers can reply to businesses with simply a tap instead of typing the text, making their responses quicker and less prone to typing errors.

2. Enhancing customer journeys with intelligent conversational automation:

a. Bot Builder launching in our Developer Sandbox –Build a chatbot from scratch on our developer sandbox to understand the benefits on a virtual assistant on a channel of customers’ choice. Businesses can enhance their customer service offerings by deploying virtual assistants to handle most common customer inquiries on customer preferred channels. The capability will be embedded within Webex Connect developer sandbox by the end of this spring and is also available within Webex Contact Center.

b. Google’s Dialogflow now added to Bot Builder –Google’s Dialogflow connecter is now available on Webex Connect as an embedded integration that enhances its intent recognition capabilities from customer inquiries. This integration enables contact center agents to better classify customer inquiries based on their conversation history or new inquiries and subsequently respond with relevant solutions.

c. Introducing MindMeld NLU engine –The new MindMeld NLU training engine enhances a bot’s capability to recognize entities based on keywords from customer inquiries to provide more accurate and relevant answers. Customers can now self-serve to find resolutions to their inquiries faster, and with greater accuracy.

The listed enhancements increase the efficiency and speed at which Webex Connect can make customer journeys come alive for businesses. We will continue to strive to make Webex Connect the leading CPaaS solution for all your CX and customer service needs.

Know more about the platform and its capabilities by booking a demo. Try the platform first-hand with our developer sandbox to explore how it meets your CX needs.

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