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Cisco and Kollective Technology Partner to Change the Way Your Network Delivers Collaboration

What is the Cisco and Kollective Solution?

Cisco and Kollective have partnered to offer a solution that enables businesses to deliver secure, reliable, and high-quality live video events to their employees, customers, and partners. With Kollective’s ECDN, Cisco customers can easily scale large, live video events to tens of thousands of users without worrying about bandwidth availability, network congestion, or user experience.

The Kollective smartECDN solution provides complete coverage to address any video delivery challenges, with multiple delivery methods available through a self-service onboarding portal. Using machine learning, Kollective optimizes and automates content delivery within enterprise networks, while protecting mission-critical applications and network services. Kollective also features topology management, network modeling, anomaly detection, and suggestive analytics to simplify network management and ensure that corporate networks operate at peak efficiency. With this partnership, customers now have a proven and cost-effective solution to ensure alignment, transparency, and inclusivity across their organizations.

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“Cisco and Kollective are forever changing the way collaboration will be delivered across enterprise networks. “We’re thrilled to partner with Cisco to provide new and existing customers unrivaled scalability, reliability, and network protection for their live video collaboration events.”

Kollective CEO Dan Vetras

Kollective Customer Success Story

A large bank underwent significant restructuring and M&A activity under a new CEO, who needed to communicate effectively with over 50,000 employees across 2,500 locations. However, the bank’s networks were not equipped to handle the demand, resulting in severe network congestion during a live all-hands webcast. The IT team implemented a hybrid solution, using hardware caching devices and a cloud-based service, but the CEO’s live event still failed, leading to failed critical bank transfers and transactions, as well as a loss in employee trust and productivity.

Following the failure of the live event, a global reselling partner recommended Kollective’s ECDN solution to the bank. Kollective was deployed within 30 days to all offices and employees, and network stress tests confirmed its effectiveness. The subsequent CEO event with over 10,000 live viewers was successful, leading to a massive improvement in employee and leadership trust, alignment, and productivity. The bank’s weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) All Hands continued, creating a more open, transparent, and inclusive culture. The adoption of live video increased across business units, further establishing trust in new leadership. Kollective became a core component of the bank’s network infrastructure, resulting in significant cost savings compared to the previous solution that failed.

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Final Thoughts

“As Cisco continues to expand its Collaboration ecosystem, the technology, and capability Kollective brings to our customers and partners is critical,” says Kevin Adamson, Solutions Partnerships leader at Cisco. “We are excited to have them join SolutionsPlus and to see how this partnership develops.”

Learn more about Kollective on the Webex App Hub. Join our ASK Kollective Webex space or contact your Cisco representative for more information on how to take advantage of this partnership.

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