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Clixie Media & Webex Partner to make meeting recordings more engaging

As the world tries to get more from their collaboration tools, specifically video meeting recordings, Cisco Webex partners with Clixie Media to deliver a wide range of interactive solutions. Clixie Media is the only interactive media authoring platform integrated with the Webex platform and recordings, allowing the video to be used post meeting, and it’s now available on SolutionsPlus.

What is the Webex and Clixie Interactive Media solution?

The COVID-19 pandemic expedited the shift to hybrid work modes for a lot of organizations and asynchronous learning for schools. This posed a challenge for companies and schools as they tried to ensure that employees and students were getting the information they needed and staying engaged. Clixie steps in to provide customers with Deep Data, easy-to-use tools, and flexible integration options for creating and analyzing interactive media experiences across any vertical.

Webex partnered with Clixie to deliver a new level of interactivity, engagement and to transform Webex recordings into an interactive experience. Use Clixie Media’s Authoring & Analytics tools directly from within Webex and easily access your Webex recordings. Quickly add a wide range of interactive elements to your videos, including interactive bookmarks (“Clixie Cards”), quizzes, contact forms, clickable elements and more!

Clixie offers the most in-depth analytics available, with a variety of ways to sift through the data. See exactly how viewers are engaging and analyze the effectiveness of your content. Gamification & badging offers a way to further incentivize and evaluate viewers.

Customer success story with Clixie Media and Webex

Clixie Media first piloted some of its features in Fall 2017 for Professor Brophy’s class. This pilot allowed Clixie Media to further refine its technology and helped determine the best way to use the technology to improve the learning experience. With the knowledge gained from the pilot, Professor Brophy and the Teaching Assistants (TA) worked together to figure out the best way to achieve the goals mentioned above with video using Clixie Media’s technology. The three ways Clixie Media was incorporated into the classroom was through: video announcements, lecture recordings and final review video series.

To view or download the Clixie Success Story, click University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

“We are very excited to have Clixie as an embedded app in Webex! Clixie with Webex enables educators and content creators to quickly implement an adaptive learning and gamification strategy through compelling interactivity. This is so they can use their Webex recordings, or other videos, to help increase viewer engagement/retention and learning at their own pace.”

– Tim Moore, President of Clixie

As Cisco continues to expand the ecosystems and partnerships journey, Kevin Adamson says, “We are excited to bring Clixie into the partner ecosystem. They bring a new dimension to working with video recordings post meeting as well as offering a powerful new Webex add-on to help our sales channels sell Webex licenses to new and existing customers. We look forward to a great future together.”

Final Thoughts

Learn more about Webex and Clixie Media on the Webex App Hub. Join our ASK Clixie Media Webex space, view our Webex Partner Podcast at Cisco Podcast Network or contact your Cisco representative for more information on how to take advantage of this partnership.

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