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Synergy SKY: Collaboration Ecosystem Spotlight

Since 2021, Synergy SKY has been a Webex SolutionsPlus and Select developer partner. With the increasing number of meeting platforms, the need for interoperability and cooperation between them is paramount. Synergy SKY helps customers get more out of their Cisco devices by connecting them to any meeting platform.

What is the Synergy SKY solution?

Synergy SKY is an interop-gateway and management software that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. The standards-based gateway offers a tight integration to Cisco Webex endpoints, enabling them to connect back-to-back with the major web conferencing platforms.

Synergy SKY is certified by Cisco as Webex Compatible in Easy Join Services (OBTP) and Analytics.

The solution enables businesses to connect their Webex video conferencing devices to other commonly used video conferencing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams. This allows customers to select the best-of-breed video conferencing devices made by Cisco for all their video meetings.

Synergy SKY has also simplified the scheduling and joining of video meetings. The solution can integrate with Webex devices for in-room booking and existing calendaring systems, making it easy for businesses to schedule and join video conferences, and allowing the same, now familiar, green One Button to Push support for all meetings.

Which customers benefit from Synergy SKY

Synergy SKY is ideal where customers have a mix of video devices and vendors, are in transition to newer Cisco Webex endpoints, or when networks or calendaring are challenging.

The Management Suite subscribes to data from the Cisco device and its sensor data to give the user actionable insights, such as no-show, check-in to room, room release from the calendar when no-show, and people count.

The Management Suite has a control dashboard to monitor upcoming and ongoing meetings to provide white-glove meeting services. Synergy SKY is available as an integration in Webex Control Hub workspaces.

“As an independent meeting solution provider, we know that customers are better off with their video meetings when they use Cisco video devices. It’s superior quality and intuitive user interface is second to none. With a Synergy SKY license, you can connect any Cisco device to the meeting provider of choice.“

Synergy SKY CEO Ståle Reitan

Nissan North America Inc. customer success story

Synergy SKY empowered one of the world’s biggest automotive manufacturers, Nissan North America Inc., by revitalizing their Cisco video devices in 120 meeting rooms. The customer was in need of interoperability for internal and external Teams and Zoom meetings. Instead of going through the time-consuming hassle and cost of swapping out their Cisco devices, Synergy SKY introduced them to CONNECT.

The customer’s satisfaction stems from the high quality and ease of use of their existing Cisco devices, which were now paired with CONNECT. This combination provided them with the freedom to join all meetings with simple one-button-to-push functionality. Moreover, they could effortlessly share and receive cable and wireless presentations.

CONNECT enabled Nissan to use multiple generations of endpoints while enjoying a consistent user interface. These enhancements allowed Nissan to streamline their video conferencing experience and achieve greater precision in their use of collaboration.

Learn more about Synergy SKY on the Webex App Hub or register for a free trial to test it out on one of your Cisco endpoints today

Finally, join our ASK Synergy SKY Webex space or contact your Cisco representative for more information on taking advantage of this partnership.

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