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Unifying Collaboration and Customer Experience: The Power of Cisco and Webex as a Single Vendor Solution

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the seamless integration of collaboration tools and customer experience platforms is not just a convenience—it’s a strategic imperative. As organizations navigate the complexities of hybrid work and evolving customer expectations, the benefits of a single vendor solution have become increasingly clear.

In anticipation of Cisco Live US 2024 taking place June 2-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’re showcasing how Webex customers are leveraging Cisco and Webex solutions to achieve their hybrid work and customer experience goals with remarkable efficiency and innovation.

Burrell Behavioral Health streamlines collaboration and customer experience with Webex

When it comes to customer experience and hybrid work, leveraging simple yet powerful tools is essential to driving adoption and seeing impactful results. Working with one vendor to power two key business imperatives, hybrid work and customer experience is key to streamlining costs and ensuring seamless access. This unified approach not only minimizes the complexity of operations but also creates an environment where collaboration flourishes and customer engagement thrives.

Burrell Behavioral Health serves as a prime example, having harnessed the power of Webex Contact Center to transform its patient interactions and Webex Calling to transform its internal collaboration.

Every year, Burrell receives more than two million client calls. The organization decided to migrate from on-premises solutions to a cloud solution to better manage the organization’s high call volume with stability and reliability.

Following a merger that increased Burrell’s employee base from 1,500 to 5,000 in just three years, the Burrell team knew that they needed to upgrade to a cloud-based internal and external calling and contact center system that supported interoperability with platforms like Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow, allowing the organization to accelerate its growth and maintain its services.

Webex Contact Center and Webex Calling were the natural next steps in Burrell’s communications technology journey.

Webex Contact Center allows Burrell’s clients to access the services they need when they need them. Through Webex Contact Center, Burrell’s clients are immediately connected to crisis workers who are available and ready to deliver lifesaving services.

Webex Calling has helped Burrell achieve a 99% uptime rate. “I don’t think we’ve dropped a call in the last couple of years,” Jarrett Newberry, Senior Systems Director at Burrell Behavioral Health said. “It gives us the reliability our clients need, so we can save lives.”

By unifying its collaboration and customer experience technology under one vendor, Burrell has simplified communication, both internally and externally with their clients. This has led to more meaningful connections and an increase in client satisfaction.

Deutsche Telekom and First Horizon Bank leverage Cisco AI Assistant to elevate hybrid work and customer experience

Hybrid work is here to stay, and Cisco AI Assistant for Webex is at the forefront of this revolution in the technology industry. Deutsche Telekom has embraced this technology, integrating robust AI capabilities to enhance employee experience.

“I have been a long-term fan of Webex AI features such as noise removal and virtual backgrounds. However, since I started using messaging summaries, I have found a new favorite. Messaging summaries provide me with a quick overview of the discussions happening within a Webex space, allowing me to focus on the conversations that are important to me. I was amazed by the quality of the summaries from the very beginning,” Sebastian Leuser, Solution Architect at Deutsche Telekom, said.

First Horizon Bank, a leading financial institution, has leveraged AI Assistant in early adoption trials to enable its agents to quickly resolve issues, improve customer interactions, and provide more streamlined customer experiences.

“As First Horizon continues to find ways to improve our client’s experiences, we also look at the agent experience. Happy agents lead to better engagement with our clients. To that end, we have started testing Cisco AI Assistant’s dropped call summaries. The summaries are concise, providing the important context of a customer’s earlier interaction during repeat calls. These can be leveraged by our virtual bankers to avoid repeat conversations and improve customer experience,” Jason O’Dell, Vice President, Voice Services Manager at First Horizon Bank, said.

With AI Assistant, organizations can access their hybrid work, customer experience, and AI solutions under one roof. This end-to-end portfolio of solutions allows Webex customers to facilitate smarter meetings, achieve faster problem resolution, and deliver more personalized customer interactions—key components that have propelled Deutsche Telekom and First Horizon into a new era of workplace efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Optimove and Broadridge simplify management and analytics with Webex Control Hub

Efficient solution management is the backbone of any successful technology deployment and Webex Control Hub offers just that. By providing IT administrators with a comprehensive view of device and software usage across both collaboration and contact center technologies, companies like Broadridge and Optimove have unparalleled control and insight into their operations from a singular platform.

For both organizations, Control Hub’s “single pane of glass” approach ensures that potential issues can be preempted and resolved swiftly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

For Laila Ali, office manager and co-owner of Optimove, Control Hub enables her to help employees understand how they can improve performance and customer experience.

“It’s really good to have that data accessible,” she said. “Employees can log in and see for themselves whether or not they’re on track. They can go back and look at conversations where they didn’t do the best and see what can be changed or done better.”

While Optimove has historically embraced hybrid work, they’re taking it to a new level with Webex. “In terms of being able to see what’s actually happening in the office while working from home, it saves us a wealth of time,” Ali said. “It makes things so much easier and we can connect to our staff in a much more streamlined way.”

Broadridge, one of the world’s leading financial technology providers, leverages Webex Suite and Cisco devices to power elevated hybrid work experiences.

With Control Hub, Broadridge gains enhanced visibility into system performance.

“Through Control Hub, we’re tracking metrics on telephony, conference room hours, chat messages between associates, and meeting minutes,” Chris D’Amato, Vice President of Technical Services at Broadridge, said. “We’re able to provide these metrics to our senior leadership team to demonstrate the value these tools are bringing to the table.”

Enhanced flexibility through Cisco Devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Flexibility in collaboration tools is crucial and Cisco devices with Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR integration) underscores this point. TenneT, a leading European electricity transmission system operator, is rolling out Cisco devices with Microsoft Teams Room integration to allow its workforce the freedom to choose their preferred video conferencing platform without sacrificing functionality or user experience.

Because many Cisco devices enable seamless MTR integration, the company can deploy Microsoft Teams without disrupting everyday workflows.

“With Cisco as the base solution, users have the flexibility to use the system of their choice,” Peter Ariens, Client Manager at Axians, TenneT’s Cisco Partner, said. “Still, you have Cisco running through the entire implementation, which makes it very valuable.”

Driving toward a future of efficiency and connectivity with a single vendor solution

It’s clear that Cisco and Webex’s single vendor solution stands out as a beacon for organizations striving to enhance collaboration and customer experience. As we look forward to Cisco Live US 2024, we invite you to consider how such a comprehensive and cohesive suite of tools can empower your organization, driving it toward a future where efficiency and connectivity converge to create unparalleled customer and employee satisfaction.

Ready to discover the full potential of Cisco and Webex for your organization? Explore our customer stories and join us at Cisco Live US 2024 to see these solutions in action.

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