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Augmentir & Webex Expert on Demand empower frontline workers

Augmentir & Webex Expert on Demand support frontline workers with AI-powered connected worker technology

The future of work is hybrid. The way industrial companies operate has changed, leaning towards remote or hybrid work. Manufacturing and service companies are turning to AI-powered connected worker technology to connect and empower their workforce with the tools and knowledge needed to perform at higher levels of safety, quality, and productivity wherever they are located.

What is the Webex and Augmentir solution?

Continuing to meet the demands of our customers has revealed streamlined opportunities. These opportunities helped us recognize the need to produce guided workflows that modernize equipment operations and reduce the learning curve for operators.

Augmentir’s digital workflow tools enable rapid creation and delivery of digital work instructions to help guide workers in day-to-day tasks more seamlessly. This value is extended with Webex Expert on Demand, which gives workers the ability to quickly connect and collaborate with remote experts wherever they are located. With Augmentir’s suite of AI-powered software tools, manufacturing and service teams can seamlessly use powerful Cisco tools through a unified interface, empowering your workforce to perform at their best.

The Webex partnership with Augmentir provides a bridge to digitize workflows, resolve issues faster, and support team collaboration with industrial support guidance.

See the Augmentir and Webex Expert on Demand technology in action here.

Customer success story with Augmentir

Augmentir’s “AI-based” Connected Worker Platform offers connected worker technology with augmented work instructions. Equipped with digital devices that could include tablets, mobile phones, or even AR-enabled industrial smart glasses, frontline workers can receive fully augmented, digital instructions on any device. This ability can improve productivity, and quality and allow workers to perform their jobs more independently. Together with the collaboration capabilities of Webex, these tools help guide workers with visual aids, AR/MR experiences, and contextual information.

Colgate-Palmolive and Augmentir

Industrial companies like Colgate-Palmolive have already adopted Augmentir’s solution to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. According to Colgate-Palmolive: “Augmentir platform’s ease of use and broad applicability to different scenarios helped to enable people at each of our global plants to build, maintain, and share their own localized content, and has boosted adoption.” Their results include:

  • 1060+ Digital Workflows created across 10 Plants (maintenance procedure, workflow, changeover, shift change)
  • 10-30 minutes saved per shift
  • As much as 120 minutes reduced between Maintenance Notification and Maintenance Order Closure (Maintenance Execution Time)
  • Advanced statistics are available for integration with other enterprise datasets for future integrations and improvements
    • Actual Maintenance Work Order times automatically captured and recorded in SAP PM, increasing the accuracy of maintenance planning and scheduling for sites utilizing SAP integration

Augmentir CEO Russ Fadel says, “Augmentir was founded to help industrial companies optimize their frontline workforce and deliver improved safety, quality, and productivity. The relevancy of our mission has only compounded in today’s new normal and our partnership with Cisco helps to not only enhance our offering with seamless integration and remote collaboration, but also expand our reach. We look forward to helping even more companies with the increased accessibility that this joint solution brings.”

Final thoughts

As Cisco continues to develop the Webex ecosystem, Alyson Hoagland-Pace says, “Cisco has invested in developing its Expert on Demand product, so by adding Augmentir to digitally automate workflows helps us further accelerate our product and ecosystem vision.”

Learn more about Webex and Augmentir on or contact your Cisco representative for more information on how to take advantage of this partnership.

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