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Aussie Broadband doubles workforce during the pandemic with Webex

Webex keeps Aussie Broadband running seamlessly

In an era in which innovative and disruptive companies and technologies set the pace and drive change, Aussie Broadband sets the tempo in Australia. The young company is the fastest organically growing telecommunications company in Australia, providing internet, mobile, and other telecommunication services. The company doubled its revenue and its workforce during the pandemic and went through IPO while three States were in lockdown.

Aussie Broadband attributes much of its success to the quality of its services and its unique company culture. It has tight-knit family culture, with a team that is dedicated to the company’s core values. The challenge is to keep up with rapid growth while maintaining that culture, especially when the workforce is scattered across the country, and in many cases, working remotely.

They say none of it would have been possible without Webex, for it kept them running seamlessly throughout Covid – allowing them to be agile and accommodate rapid employee growth. Janet Granger-Wilcox, General Manager of Corporate Affairs, summarizes the challenge this way: “Aussie Broadband is really in business to change the telco game. But we also want to still feel like a family with more than 700 people.”

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Webex integral to a hybrid business model

In this emerging “new way to work,” Webex is integral to running a successful hybrid business model. CEO Phil Britt swears by his Webex DeskPro – it provides a consistent work experience, regardless of whether employees are working from home, traveling, or in the office. They hardly ever call people anymore. With Webex devices, they just press a button – which means greater accessibility and fewer friction points. “The really critical thing for us is that we stay a family in that process, no matter how big we get. Culture here is so important, and Webex is one of the critical ways we stay connected to each other. You can’t be a family without that connection. And we can’t have that connection without Webex,” explains Granger-Wilcox.

Because Aussie Broadband embraces a hybrid work environment, it doesn’t really matter where staff is located, which has changed how they recruit. In fact, General Sales Manager Aaron O’Keeffe says that Webex has not only changed how the company recruits; in some cases, it has been a differentiator. “There are times where we got staff because we allow that flexibility – where they probably would have gone to one of our competitors,” he says.

Aussie Broadband, a game changer

Doubling revenue – doubling staff – and listing on the ASX during a pandemic while in lockdown. Aussie Broadband truly is a game changer – and according to Granger-Wilcox, Webex is a key component driving that success: “Webex embedded in our business is part of the way we see doing business in the future because, it’s a game changer in itself.”

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