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Cisco Collaboration Integration with Theta Lake Helps Protect Customers in the Remote Work Era

Cisco Partners with Theta Lake for Security & Compliance for Modern Collaboration

The Webex Ecosystem of 3rd party integration partnerships is continuously growing. We are seeing fantastic product innovations built by our ISV community helping our global customers solve real business problems. Recent examples from Cloverhound, Appspace, Prezi, and Theta Lake all speak to solutions that are responding to the situation many people are finding themselves in needing to work, go to school or get help remotely.

Theta Lake provides security & compliance for modern collaboration, helping employers and employees stay protected in the new hybrid/remote work era. I have been at the helm of our ecosystem of developer partners for many years and after a while, you do see quite a bit of repeat technology and slight variations of the same use cases. But with Theta Lake, I had not seen anything similar after getting pitches and demos from what must be 500+ collaboration vendors at this point.

AI-Driven Compliance Advisor

The way I describe it is- let’s say you and I are chatting using a tool like Jabber or Webex Teams to send messages and I tell you “Sell all of your stocks IMMEDIATELY!” There are a number of compliance tools in market that could pick that up and flag it to the appropriate group within the organization to take action. But what if we were in a video conference meeting hosted by Webex or Cisco Meeting Server and without saying a word I shared my screen, opened a note pad and typed out “Sell all your stocks IMMEDIATELY!” That would typically go unnoticed from every compliance tool out there and this is one of the core values I see in Theta Lake. They understand how to take the real time aspects of a meeting like your content share or even what is inside your video window, including webcam and virtual whiteboard,  and use their AI to analyze what is spoken, shown on screen, or shared in that recording that may be a compliance or data leakage risk.

These could be things like inadvertently showing the wrong spreadsheet document or CRM/HR app that has personal info like social security or account numbers or if someone was on a Webex Room video device and started drinking from a bottle of liquor! This is not ok in a business environment, exposing firms to undue risk and liability, and compliance officers need the ability to efficiently and effectively identify these risks. Once these are identified in audio, visual, or text-based content you can even redact the portion of the video or screen share that had the issue or delete the content from a Webex Teams channel which helps firms address data leakage risks.

Strategic Ecosystem Partnership

I am excited to share and amplify the news that Cisco Investments has participated in the Series A funding round for Theta Lake. Cisco is the leader in enterprise video meeting technology and thus our customer base has the most to gain by extending the reach of their compliance capabilities deeper into the collaboration stack they have invested in. I am also thrilled to share that given how close our partnership has grown to, we’ve added Theta Lake’s product on the Cisco Global Price List so that any partners and customers can do business with them and obtain their technology the exact same way they would for Cisco offers.

For any Webex Teams users that want to stay up to date with the Theta Lake team I would invite you to participate  in our “Ask Theta Lake” chat space where updates will be posted, and questions can be answered. You can also reach out to

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Recharging my Commitment – Fueling our Partnership

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