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What’s new in Webex for Government: February 2022

Enhance meeting engagement and understanding with visual text, improved audio and custom configurations both during and after the meeting.

Announcing four new features for Webex for Government

  1. Webex for Government transcripts extend meeting content to those who could not attend.
  2. Closed Captioning in Webex for Government helps meeting attendees follow along the conversation and represents a critical accessibility need for a more inclusive meeting experience.
  3. Optimize for all voices brings clarity to everyone in the meeting. Whether close to the microphone or far away, Webex brings attendees equally into the conversation, removing background noise and ensuring clear speech.
  4. Meeting APIs bring Webex for Government configurations into your websites, apps and services

Transcripts in Webex for Government provide documented scripts of meetings and events.

With these new capabilities, transcripts of meetings can be sent to colleagues who could not attend a meeting, or to review a meeting for better understanding. Hosts can not only record meetings but provide a document of all voice communications within a meeting.

Transcripts are used for

  • Informing interested parties who could not attend the meeting,
  • Referencing information that was discussed in the meeting,
  • Compliance to regulations that require transcripts, and
  • Having a source to better understand meeting content.

Transcripts are available only with recorded sessions. When a recording is in playback, clicking on a specific text will display the correlated video along with the text. Admins control the user’s ability to create transcripts and permit access to saved files.

For more information click here: Administration – Enable Recording Transcripts in Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex Events

Closed Captioning in Webex for Government provides live written text of all meeting and event conversations

Closed captioning helps meeting attendees follow along the conversation and represents a critical accessibility need for a more inclusive meeting experience. This capability brings access and understanding to hearing impaired, attendees with a bad connection and anyone who comprehends better with a visual script of meeting content. Turn on closed captioning with the click of one button and see meeting text either in the side or bottom of the screen. The text is displayed immediately after being spoken and remains on the screen to refer to for clarification. Closed captioning is available for recorded and non-recorded meetings.

Optimize for All Voices provides clear audio of all people speaking while eliminating all background noise

Webex for Government audio intelligence produces a clear speech experience with less feedback that improves people’s ability to listen, understand and perceive nuances. With optimize for all voices, Webex suppresses background noise and brings those who are otherwise unintelligible into your meetings and calls. With optimize for all voices, you can now include everyone in the meeting, remote or in the office. Whether they are close to the microphone or far away or have a soft voice or a loud voice, Webex brings them equally into the conversation.

Meeting APIs allow developers to integrate Webex for Government in other applications

Meeting APIs are continuing the Webex initiative to integrate into other platforms and software programs. APIs give developers the ability to integrate Webex video calls and messages from within other software programs improving the productivity of workers. With meeting APIs you can:

  • Create and manage meetings
  • Add and manage meeting invitees
  • Get and update meeting preferences, options, and other details
  • Get, list, and delete recordings

An example of using meeting APIs is with applications that run on desktop and mobile browsers. APIs can be inserted to automatically configure the Webex screen to your iOS or Android devices. Another example is creating video layouts that meet users’ needs within a specific application. These APIs also allow flexible integrations for scheduling and presenting in Webex for Government.

With these added features, Webex for Government is increasingly responsive to users providing flexibility, inclusivity, and enhanced productivity to your organization.

Learn more about Webex for Government collaboration solution for U.S. Government agencies and government contractors or contact sales for more information at Cisco Webex | Contact Sales

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What’s new in Webex: February 2022

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