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New capabilities for compliant Webex communications

Flexible choices for selectively storing and managing in-meeting communications are critical to meet compliance

In parallel with the paradigm shift to hybrid working, organizations across regulated industries, from financial and insurance to public and healthcare, have adopted collaboration and chat tools as the primary means to communicate and share information. While communication modes have changed, the fundamental requirements to capture, retain and supervise electronic written communications still apply, including those taking place within calls and video meetings like in-meeting chat, polling and whiteboards. From increasing concerns about cyber security to the need to meet regulatory compliance obligations, organizations are finding it hard to securely capture necessary communications and access them when needed.

Compliance teams may require some parts of electronic communications in a meeting to be captured such as chat, transcripts or messages, but not the related audio or video recording. Administrators may have turned these features off because they could not be individually stored, managed, and secured. Now Webex users can capture chats and messages in Webex meetings, without capturing or archiving the video or audio component of the meeting. Through selective archiving introduced by our partner Theta Lake, Webex administrators can select the individual parts of a Webex meeting and secure them for later retrieval.

Expansion of Theta Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite

The expansion of Theta Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite integrations enable regulated firms to use powerful Webex Meeting features such as in-meeting chat and transcripts while still complying with specific regulatory requirements to capture these communications.

  • Webex Meeting Chat: Theta Lake can capture in-meeting chat, both private and group messages, and provide SEC 17a-4 compliant storage and integrate with a firm’s existing archive of record.
  • Webex Meeting Transcripts: Theta Lake can capture Cisco generated transcripts. This is especially important for firms that after recording a meeting need to capture and retain the transcript produced from the meeting as part of their records. When a meeting transcript is captured, the recording can be deleted from Webex.

Webex customers can use Theta Lake applications with Webex Messaging, Webex Meetings, and Cisco Meeting Server. And now with its recently expanded coverage for Webex Meeting, Chat and Webex Meeting Transcripts, their offering includes:

  • Full capture, search, and display, in native chat format, of messages, files, GIFs, images, reactions, and any shared content from Webex
  • Capture, search and review complete Webex meeting recordings
  • Advanced eDiscovery and 60-day retention for Webex Messaging and 30-day retention for Webex Meetings
  • Easy upgrade options through Solutions Plus for longer term retention, legal-hold, and AI-based supervision and DLP which protects what is said, shown on screen, shared or written

Along with this expansion of integrations into the Webex suite, Cisco has partnered with Theta Lake to offer a free version of Theta Lake’s Archiving, Security, and Compliance Suite to Webex customers.

This version enables Webex customers in regulated verticals to easily leverage the full suite of capabilities that makes Webex truly powerful. Customers can take advantage of advanced archiving and eDiscovery capabilities, driving key compliance and operational efficiencies when searching and reviewing recorded content.

This partnership with Cisco and Theta Lake enhances the ever-expanding integrations and technological advancements in Webex. It not only creates more safe, secure, and compliant usage of Webex, but enables our regulated customers to leverage all the powerful features and functionality that we deliver for compliance. To learn more about how Theta Lake and Cisco are developing products for Webex, see our video on YouTube:

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