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Cut down on time and make the most of your day with Hybrid Work Solutions

Webex Hybrid Work Solutions have revolutionized this organization’s workday

Multiple apps running, meetings clogging up the calendar, wasting precious time to get set up? We’ve all been there, but with Webex Hybrid Work solutions, you don’t have to.

Aubrey Jones, a Senior Unified Communications Engineer at a large financial services organization, sat down with us to discuss how Webex has revolutionized his workday. As a Webex Expert, Jones has been able to learn new capabilities early and is passionate about implementing integrations.

“Our employees want to cut down on the number of apps they have running,” Jones said. “Webex has allowed them to do that.”

Referring to Webex as “one app to rule all apps,” Jones’ team has enjoyed using integrations like Miro to create workflows and sending Smartsheets in a space. What would have taken hours over email of physically being in the same room is now possible in a matter of minutes, and Jones’ organization takes advantage of this, with over 3.4 million Webex messages being sent monthly.

“We started doing these integrations because our executives wanted specific hybrid work solutions,” Jones said.

As his organization transitioned to an in-office and remote hybrid work model, they needed solutions that would keep productivity high while people were physically separated. By creating offices that were easily transformable and equipped with Cisco technology, starting a meeting of any configuration was seamless.

For a touch-free, safe working environment, just ask Webex to start your meeting. Leading a team with multiple time zones? Record and watch it any time. Have a new team member? Add them to a space where all notes and files are stored. Saving time on the front and back end means that Jones’ team can focus on what really matters and get things done.

The numbers speak for themselves: Jones’ organization has 2,800 active users and 80% of them work remotely. With Webex, they have been able to hold over 3,600 meetings per day and reach 14,000 participants.

One of Jones’ favorite parts is being able to comfortably connect with anyone, even if they don’t use Webex regularly. With basic Webex meetings and Webex room devices being able to join third-party platforms, Jones doesn’t have to have multiple apps running at once.

“I can’t imagine how we used to work compared to how we work now,” Jones said. “Webex has changed everything.”

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