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New embedded app experiences that empower users and IT admins

We now have 65+ third party applications as part of Embedded Apps Framework with partners like Miro, InVision, and Vection. These apps can be easily accessed from within Webex Meetings and Messaging, making work more streamlined and organized. As our landscape of embedded apps grows, we are committed to ensuring that users can easily find their favorite apps in and out of meetings, regardless of whether they are on a laptop, mobile device, phone, tablet, or video endpoint.

Apps that take up a larger canvas, like visual collaboration apps, can now be rendered in stage view by default for a richer collaboration experience. That’s not all – we are providing flexibility for IT administrators to enable an app for groups of users within your organization, so that you can manage your app license commitments, as well as test specific apps before rolling out to production.

Discover apps with ease with revamped App Gallery

We are revamping the App Gallery in Meetings and Messaging spaces to improve discoverability. We now provide relevant information about each app with a small tagline description. In the subsequent releases, users will also find additional information on the app by clicking on the Learn More option. These enhancements allow users to quickly get information on which apps they may want to use to make their meetings and messaging more engaging and collaborative.

Users can now mark an app as a favorite in the App Gallery, so it is easily reachable across meetings, messaging, mobile, and desktop clients. In addition, frequently used apps are now discoverable under the “Suggestions for you” area.

Use apps on Webex devices

As companies prepare for return to office, many are thinking about workspaces differently. Office spaces are being reimagined to support the hot desking model, and many are adapting conference spaces to facilitate remote participants and one-to-many video meetings. Apps like Miro, MURAL, Slido, and Shared Timer will be natively integrated into Webex devices so users can simply select the app and start using it without having to install or download anything.

Interact with apps from your mobile devices

Embedded apps for messaging spaces are also available on mobile devices now. This feature provides users the flexibility to add or access embedded apps and website tabs in a Webex space using their iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or Android tablet. Users can now collaborate asynchronously on that same app irrespective of the device they are using.

Open apps in the bigger canvas with stage view

We are enhancing the Embedded Apps Framework to provide users an option to launch their meeting-based app into the main meeting view instead of the side panel, which is the default. This capability, called stage view, is especially useful for apps that need a larger canvas to deliver their full experience. This larger view makes app collaboration more useful with a better overall view of the details of what is being shared.

Group level control for Embedded Apps

Now IT admins can enable an app for a group of users with group-level control for the Embedded Apps Framework. By default, apps approved for use in an organization will be enabled for all users in that org. However, IT admins can now make an app available to a subset of users. This supports scenarios where customers want to test an app with a small group of users before a larger rollout, or who simply want to make certain apps available to certain groups of users in their organizations.

With all these new capabilities and enhancements in Embedded Apps, users can get more work done within a single interface, reducing context switching and maximizing collaboration. Go ahead and try out one of the 65+ apps available and let us know what you think.

Check out the Webex Integrations page to learn about the various integrations we offer today to meet your specific needs, and explore the Webex App Hub for apps that amplify your work!

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