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New Webex Integrations to make your meetings more engaging

Hybrid and remote work are here to stay for the foreseeable future. To meet the evolving needs of our users, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your work efficiency, so that you can get more done. To continue the momentum from last month, we are pleased to announce the availability of new app integrations to help you collaborate and automate your workflows. 

Webex integrations that work seamlessly with your business applications

Webex offers immense flexibility by providing various integration types to meet your unique needs. Check out our Webex App Hub page, to explore hundreds of Webex integrations.  

Meetings and Messaging

AGAT SoftwareWith a suite of AGAT Software apps integrated with Webex meetings and messages, prevent sensitive data from being sent to the cloud (Real Time DLP), apply flexible Ethical Wall policies, easily search, and export all communication, enjoy a range of governance controls and management features, use AI to generate meeting summaries, decisions, and tasks, and perform sentiment analysis of all communication.  

AgreeDo– Get more out of your meetings with AgreeDo. By creating an agenda and instantly sharing it with all participants, this integration provides a simple way to streamline processes.  Tasks, decisions, and other important issues are easily managed with all the relevant participants. 

BardeenWith Bardeen shortcuts automate your manual work allowing you to control your web apps from anywhere and move data between apps easily. Bardeen allows users to schedule Webex meetings with a keyboard shortcut and join meetings with one simple trigger.  

Chili Piper With single-click meeting scheduling and meeting time suggestions, Chili Piper allows B2B teams to hold more meetings and drive revenue. 

Flixier Flixier’s Webex integration enables users to easily search and import meeting recordings and turn them into ready-to-share professional-looking videos for websites, blogs, YouTube channels, education channels, internal use, and more. NotetakerIncreasing productivity in the workplace has never been easier thanks to AI voice assistant (Fred) with Webex, to help transcribe, take notes, and more during meetings so you can focus on what’s most important. Learn more about this integration.   

HubSpot– Webex is proud to announce Webex App for HubSpot, a native integration which delivers a delightful collaboration experience, while minimizing app switches and consolidating all the interactions that matter. With the Webex app for HubSpot, your business can elevate customer interactions by meeting HubSpot contacts via Webex meetings. Learn how to be more productive within a single workflow with HubSpot integration with Webex. 

LearningCart IntegrationThe LearningCart Webex integration streamlines virtual learning. Users can easily schedule, create, and launch events with a Webex meeting automatically generated for the appropriate date, time, and instructor. 

Meeter– With Meeter, you can manage your upcoming Webex calls in one place by connecting directly with your calendar. 

Notiv– With Notiv, save time and stay on track beyond your meetings with automatic action items, highlights, and summaries based on real-time transcriptions. 

SuperOffice CRM– With SuperOffice CRM, get notifications regarding new companies, projects, sales etc directly in Webex messaging spaces when something new happens in SuperOffice CRM. Learn more about this integration.   

Prelude Coordinate- The Prelude integration with Webex allows users to easily add Webex video conferencing links to communications between interviewers and candidates. 

Prodoscore–  Prodoscore is enabling managers to increase employee engagement with coaching and improvement opportunities driven by usage trends. For more information, read Prodoscore’s press release.

YuJaYuJa’s Webex integration allows users to securely manage cloud recordings within the YuJa Enterprise Video platform. Institutions can easily create, manage, discover, collaborate on, and live-stream video content across any cloud-hosted device. Check out YuJa’s press release for additional information. 


Vizerto– Vizerto is a real-time assistant providing fast, accurate, and automated answers to customer questions in Webex messaging spaces. This bot not only frees up experts and saves everyone time, it also provides quick responses using AI to continuously learn by capturing and distributing knowledge to improve content value. 

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