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Experience the full power of Webex Suite, for the cost of lunch

In most cities, the cost of lunch is around $15 for a sandwich, chips, soda and maybe even a cookie. Starting at $11.95 a month, an employee can access a full set of Webex tools to connect, communicate, and co-create with coworkers, customers, and partners. That’s an unbelievable suite of services for the cost of one lunch a month!

Driving the future of hybrid work

Organizations and their employees are continuing to adapt to the evolving hybrid workplace. The reality is that flexible collaboration tools that allow for adaptation is becoming a strategic advantage. Webex Suite enables organizations to react quickly to changes and help teams remain productive and engaged.

The future of work requires secure solutions that enable seamless collaboration regardless of where we work. Webex is here to provide intelligent capabilities that ensure inclusivity across teams while fostering a safe return to work.

Building off my previous blog where we first introduced the Webex Suite, I am pleased to share new additions and updates on how the Webex Suite can drive hybrid work for your organization.

Powering a better workplace with the Webex Suite

On September 15th, customers can receive the full power of the Webex platform in a single economical offer starting at $11.95 CSRP (Cisco Suggested Resell Price) through a Webex Suite Enterprise Agreement. The suite of collaboration products includes Cloud Calling, Meetings, Messaging, Polling (Slido) and Events for all Webex Suite customers. The Suite of services now costs up to 40% less as a combined offer, to help shape an inclusive future for your organization with ease.

From most of our competitors, you pay more than the cost of lunch just for Events! With Webex Suite, all users can enjoy the amazing events capabilities of Webex. With the Webex Suite EA, customers receive Webex Events 5000 so every user can host webinars and webcasts with up to 5000 participants.  Our support for hybrid events, webinars and webcasts will continue to expand through our new acquisition of Socio and the full power of the Webex platform.

New and existing Webex Suite customers will continue to receive access to future enhancements, such as Socio, along with integrated capabilities: Webex Assistant, immersive share, gesture recognition, and so much more! In addition, customers can purchase add-ons such as Real-time Translation, Cisco Calling Plans, and a variety of audio options to customize their solution and collaborate effectively with ease.

This cloud solution provides a comprehensive, yet simple way to purchase a suite of collaboration products across multiple workloads. The Webex Suite is orderable through a single SKU via our Flex Plan 3.0. Even better, customers no longer need to choose their cloud calling path up front. Webex Suite customers will always have access to Webex Calling and can add-on a Webex Calling – Dedicated Instance when needed.

Through this simplified process, the Webex Suite has the ability to accommodate every collaboration and business use case while streamlining for a faster, worry-free purchase. Flexibility is key for the future of work. This is why organizations can use the tools within the Webex Suite they need today and know that products and services are available at any time to help their employees in their changing work place.

Enhance your collaboration experiences with world class endpoints

The future of work is no longer about where we work, but rather what we do, which is why we are continuing to offer the Webex Device Cloud Promotion. For a little more than the cost of lunch, customers can purchase devices enabling the workforce to equally engage and securely collaborate across locations. With the Webex Device Cloud Promotion, Webex Suite EA customers receive massive savings, up to 50%, on devices in comparison to non-Webex Suite customers. Customers can receive all the tools they need to thrive in the hybrid workplace when combining the Webex Suite with Webex devices, offered together at an exceptional price.

Bridge the blend of remote and in-office workers

Webex Suite is the world’s first purpose-built solution designed to drive hybrid work. Through this single cloud solution, we deliver an end-to-end suite of secure collaboration products that equip employees with tools that support calling, meetings, messaging, and events, all for the cost of lunch.

Our competitors who bundle products tend to put lesser products in at a higher price. We are proud to offer a world-class collaboration suite with the best experience and price in the industry! This should make Webex an easy decision for your hybrid workplace solution.

Register here to attend “Drive the Future of Hybrid Work with the Webex Suite” live webinar with Chris Barwick, VP of Strategy & GTM to learn how the Webex Suite can enhance your collaboration experiences in the hybrid workplace today!

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