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How Webex is creating bigger and better experiences for a new hybrid world

We know hybrid work is here to stay and having the ability to combine in-person and virtual experiences can open up a world of meaningful engagement, inclusive cultures, and stronger connections. With team members now spread across time zones and countries, working different hours, speaking different languages, with different needs, we need collaboration tools that are not only flexible, but that adapt to the future of work. We’re leveraging the power of the  Webex Suite to reimagine—not just meetings but—experiences and interactions that scale, with intelligent and robust tools so everyone is included.

Best-in-class audience engagement

We recently completed the Slido acquisition and I’m excited to share that the technology will soon natively integrate right within the Webex App. Slido adds the flexibility to engage with your meeting participants in more meaningful ways. Webex is the first collaboration platform to fully integrate Slido’s best-in-class audience engagement technology to create more inclusive and interactive meeting experiences.

Slido polls help you create more meaningful engagement by enabling interaction with participants at scale, whether in person or virtual, before, during, and after meetings. You can build an inclusive culture by allowing all participants to ask questions and answer polls anonymously. You can also build stronger connections by facilitating team bonding and creating greater transparency across the whole company. Using Slido is a great way to get everyone involved, whether you want to get a pulse on how they are feeling, collect feedback, or simply break the ice.

One of my favorite features in Slido is the Q&A, which lets me gather input from everyone (both from self-identified and anonymously), not just the most vocal participants. It works great for my all-hands meetings and helps me foster conversations with my teams that make our time together more productive. I can collect questions in advance and allow everyone to upvote the most relevant topics, so during the meeting, we can dedicate time to discussing what is most important.

Virtual events that scale for the new global hybrid world

The all new Webex Events is designed to host your high stakes meetings with a robust, reliable, and scalable platform.

Webex Events will enable you to reach more people – in the Webinar mode, you can host events of up to 10,000 attendees, and in the Webcast mode, that capacity goes up to 100,000.

With real-time translation into 100+ languages, you’ll also be able to engage more participants from around of the world. You will have access to powerful tools to organize more professional events, such as event customization, practice sessions, custom layouts and automatic noise cancellation.

Finally, you’ll be able to create memorable experiences for your participants, with industry-leading tools like gesture recognition, interactive polling and Q&A, and breakout sessions. Cisco is the first to bring capacities and features of this scale to market. So, whether you are hosting a webinar for 100 people or need to engage an audience of 100,000 global employees for a company meeting, we’ve got you covered.

Powering the hybrid events of the future

We also recently announced our intent to acquire Socio, a platform which is designed to power the events of the future – across virtual, hybrid, and in-person interactions. We’re excited about bringing Socio’s powerful technology onboard to provide an unparalleled hybrid event management solution to engage participants whether they join in person or virtually.

As physical and virtual worlds continue to blend, it becomes even more important to engage with people in new and inclusive ways. At Webex, we’re delivering the first truly integrated end-to-end event experiences that scale across the spectrum—from 1:1 meetings to large company gatherings.

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Powering an Inclusive Future of Work: Cisco Unveils Webex Innovations that Enable Hybrid Work and Events, Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Voice [Press Release]

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