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Industry First Future of Work Maturity Assessment Tool

The Future of Work is Now

While the nature of work was already changing, we were suddenly thrust into a remote work scenario no one could have predicted. What businesses have been going through these past months is the future of work happening now.

While some organizations had already been transforming a workplace that embraced different work styles, incorporated innovative workspaces, and implemented integrated workflows, many companies still hadn’t begun to embrace the future of work. Indeed, they weren’t prepared for the current situation.

To help companies navigate our current reality and understand where they are in workplace maturity and preparation for a new future of work, we’ve launched the industry’s first Workplace Maturity Assessment Tool.

About Workplace Maturity Assessment Tool

This tool is based on a benchmark survey Cisco recently conducted of over 1,500 companies across 13 geographies and seven vertical industries. We measured both where companies are transforming their workplace, and if they’ve begun to embrace the future of work, the benefits they’ve realized.

Taking less than 10 minutes to complete, the maturity calculator is comprised of six indices:

  • Leadership and culture
  • Workstyle flexibility
  • Working environment
  • Enabling solutions
  • Risk management
  • Visibility and insight

From these survey results, we built the Workplace Maturity Assessment Tool, located on our Future of Work portal, that provides organizations a pulse on where they are transforming their workplace for the future. Once completed, they receive a personalized workplace maturity score that they can use to benchmark their organization to the other respondents to find out if they are ahead or behind in their transformation — and by how much. They can even compare their scores for their specific region, company size, and vertical.

Applying a scale of 1-10, users rate statements on topics including the following: how different workstyles are embraced and supported; how well the working environment, offices and other workspaces are equipped; the degree to which innovative technologies have been implemented; the effectiveness of the technology infrastructure; and how well it is all measured and analyzed. The score includes an overall maturity index and scores for each indicator and comparison against the benchmark.

What’s Next?

As companies lean into a new future of work, knowing if you are behind or ahead in workplace maturity can help you plan for the future of work. The maturity index allows companies to pinpoint areas that need attention and those where they excel. With this knowledge, companies can take steps to integrate workflows, accommodate work styles, and innovate workspaces to shape how they work and drive the business forward now and in the future.

Access the workplace maturity calculator to give you a pulse where you are in the process of transforming your workplace for the future.

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